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Crowbar – Live from New Orleans – 20 February 2021

Live streams are getting as clash strewn as gigs used to be. Crowbar and Spirit Mother on the same night is quite a choice for our DJ by the name of Astrocreep, though luckily both have view on demand, which makes life a bit easier than choosing between gigs on the same night! So, the big lad poured a single malt, took his seat in his reclining chair and get himself ready for some serious armchair headbanging – while live streams are obviously not as good as being at an actual show, they’re a damn sight better than nothing at all – a junkie needs his fix after all!

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There is no doubt that the current Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the music business into complete and utter chaos, with tours cancelled, album releases delayed. With many countries taking different approaches to the issue of lockdowns, and some prohibiting mass public gatherings right through until the end of August, the summer festival season also finds itself in a state of flux, with some events able to proceed as planned but others, such as Wacken, having had their plugs pulled. The situation here in the Über Kingdom is extremely unclear, with no clear guidance coming from either central government or the devolved administrations as to how long the restrictions here might apply.

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Is there, or should there ever be, a point in any artist’s career whereby they lose respect for their fans – and, by doing so, display it in an openly disrespectful manner? The obvious answer is NO. But, it could be, quite defiantly, argued that Danish hard rockers Volbeat have reached just that nexus by their behaviour on their just completed UK tour – and especially by their antics in Belfast last night.

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