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Halestorm – ‘Back From The Dead’ (Atlantic Records)

“I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD”, screamed by Lzzy Hale over an incandescent guitar chord, has to be one of the most defiantly declarative opening statements made on any album, especially in this new PC (that’s Post-Covid) era. Not that the woman delivering it has been anywhere near being “dead” during most of the down time we’ve all been forced to endure over the past two years of covidications. In fact, given the number of collaborations in which she’s been involved, it could be argued that the only person in the Überverse with whom she hasn’t duetted is, in fact, herself…

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Kouta – ‘Aarnihauta’ (Self-Released)

Kouta are a Finnish black metal band whose material centres around old Norse myths and folklore and is inspired by the malign nature of the northern forests and the iniquity of being human. Kouta, Bona believes, is a place in Finland although the band state that Kouta refers to the myth of the malevolent being and is at the heart of their music. ‘Aarnihauta’ refers to treasure grave and is the first release of this band. Thematically, the EP tells of the appearance of the mythological being Kouta, whose malevolence brings judgement and despair upon the treacherous mankind.

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