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Cannibal Corpse/Dark Funeral/Ingested/Stormruler – Academy, Manchester – 21 April 2023

A slightly different gig than the previous night’s psychedelia shenanigans, this evening’s jaunt across to Manchester sees the big man take in a fatal fourway of the finest death metal around in Stormruler, Ingested, Dark Funeral and Cannibal Corpse. 6pm doors is an early start but it doesn’t seem to deter what is a half full room for Stormruler, growing to a hefty 2/3 by the end of their set!

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Hanoi Rocks – ‘Oriental Beat – 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix’ (Svart Records)

When Finnish glam legends Hanoi Rocks released their second album, ‘Oriental Beat’, at the start of 1982, they were very much a band on the way up. As it turns out, the band themselves were never happy with the way the album was produced and mixed. In fact they regarded it as a bit of a disaster. Forty years later, after the original master tapes, long since considered ‘lost’, were discovered, the original members of the band had a chance to right all the wrongs and completely remix the whole album. Referred to by Mike Monroe as “the longest and slowest album recording project ever”, the result is ‘Oriental Beat – the 40th anniversary re(al) mix’.

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The BIG Uber Rock Interview: Dead Space Chamber Music

Just before Christmas, DJ Astrocreep got to sit down with Ellen and Tom from Dead Space Chamber Music, a band he found only recently from their support slot with HackeDePiciotto. He had a great half hour chat with them both, discussing everything from their musical roots, where their name came from, how they would describe their sound, how working in a graveyard helps guitarist Tom create music and why they incorporate visual aspects into the live performances…..

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