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M-Opus – ‘Origins’ (Rude Chord Recordings)

Now and again an album comes along that is truly epic in every sense of the word, in terms of its ambition, its feel, its scope and, most importantly, its delivery. Having been five years in the making, this second album from Irish proggies M-Opus most definitely fits all of the aforementioned criteria, delivering as it does a total of 28 tracks spread across a total of 135 minutes (that’s two-and-a-quarter hours in plain English, kiddlywinks). And its creators certainly have their prog rock pedigree very firmly printed on their shirts: band leader Jonathan Casey was a member of ex-King Crimson violinist David Cross’ band and is a well-known film and TV composer (does anyone remember ‘Zig & Zag’ or ‘Space Chickens In Space’?), while former Clannad/Genesis/Mike And The Mechanics guitarist Anto Drennan is counted among the guest contributors.

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The Inspector Cluzo – ‘Brothers in Ideals’ (The Bass Player Records)

This band first came to Jonny B’s attention when they supported Clutch on their 2018 ‘Book of Bad Decisions’ tour with The Picturebooks. With their incredibly enthusiastic performance, and blatant disregard for the longevity of their instruments (drummers, you’d cringe at what happened to the drumkit…) they had JB instantly hooked and even threatened to outshine the other support act of the night. They were so French that they were selling berets on the merch stand, and their name was The Inspector Cluzo – and no, we’re not talking about the clumsy outrageously French detective who was constantly thwarted by the Pink Panther. No, instead we have a pair of French former farmers shredding out some incredibly emotive blues music that will penetrate even the coldest of hearts…

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Bonded – ‘Rest In Violence’ (Century Media)

Cast your mind back to early 2018 and you may recall the controversial change to Sodom’s line-up when guitarist Bernd Kost and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald found themselves unceremoniously fired via Whatsapp. Not prepared to just sit at home sulking, they’ve returned with Bonded, an all-new metal act with former members of Suicidal Angels and Assassin filling in the gaps. ‘Rest In Violence’ is their debut album and while it ticks all the thrash boxes, it also gives them a chance to flex their muscles in ways they might not have before.

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