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Clutch/The Sword/Nate Bergman – Charlotte NC, Fillmore – 18 May 2022

As Kris E was driving to the Avid Xchange Music Factory to her familiar haunt The Fillmore, the following song lyric was stuck in her head. “We need some money! (We need some money!) I’m talkin’ about moolah y’all (I’m talkin’ about moolah y’all!)” Now, if you’re a fan of a certain band then you absolutely know at this point who she was going to see. That’s right, she was headed to see Clutch and it had been a while since she’d seen them so she was definitely pumped up for the show….

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Xentrix/Sinocence/Animator – Belfast, Voodoo – 14 May 2022

This was supposed to be the second of two dates on the island of Ireland by Lancastrian thrash veterans Xentrix, making a welcome return to these shores after far too long away… but the curse of Friday the 13th had put the kibosh on the first show in Dublin, after their van took it upon itself to lock all their gear in the back. Fortunately for the Belfast crowd, however, their quest to find a locksmith north of the border proved a lot more fruitful than that down south and so, in the best showbiz tradition, this three-band thrash fest went ahead, thus warming the cockles of our hardened metallic hearts on what turned out to be a surprisingly chilly spring Saturday night.

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