Author: Team Uber

The Liars Club – ‘Of Self’ (Neoprima Music)

For what is only the second time during his ÜR tenure, Jonny B os fortunate enough to be reviewing a band from his own town’s surprisingly active music scene. Yes, that’s right, the “cul-de-sac of the UK”, Barrow-in-Furness, does indeed have an active and diverse music scene! Last time JB was reviewing some old school death metal, but this time it’s a complete change of pace with the post punk crew The Liars Club who happen to be based above his local record shop – TNT Records (which is where his wages seem to mysteriously disappear…)

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Mother of All – ‘Age Of The Solipsist’ (Black Lion)

When John B hears “melodic” and “progressive” being used to describe an upcoming death metal album you instantly get his full attention. That being said JB has high hopes and high expectations for the genre as it is a personal favorite. He expects complexity in the instrumentation and evolution within the tracks. He expects aggressive vocals with a lot of power to keep up with the heavy tone in the guitars – and, yes, he expects that heavy tone as well. So, do Mother of All live up to this expectation with their debut album? Hell yeah, they do!

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