Author: Team Uber

Maverick – ‘Ethereality’ (Metalopolis Records)

One of the advantages of being a music journalist operating within a fairly close knit community such as the city of Belfast, as opposed to a sprawling metropolis such as London or New York, is that you can very often find yourself coming across a band at the very nascent stages of their career and then watching them blossom and grow over time, develop and mature from a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears NKsOTB into a seasoned and determined well-honed rock ‘n’ roll machine. Such a case in point are Maverick, who are just about to prove my point in the most emphatic way possible, with this, their third full-length studio album…

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Grillijono K.O. – ‘Napalmia Korville’ (Inverse Records/Secret Entertainment)

Punk rock is one of those things that John B either really loves or really hates. He doesn’t often find that there is a middle ground. Either it is badass and gets me pumped or it is noise that he can’t stand to be in the room with. It always elicits strong feelings. So, going into this the question is always the same: will he love it or hate it? Well, we won’t make you wait too long for the answer. He loved it. Honestly, one of his favourite punk albums he has heard in a while. One that stands out in JB’s mind for sure and will for a long time.

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Hollowstar/Daxx & Roxane – New Wave of Classic Rock Webfest – 26 February 2021

BoJo The Clown may finally have published his much-vaunted “roadmap” towards post COVID pan(dem)ic “normality”, but at least as far as the music business is concerned, any sight of light at the end of the tunnel is still the faintest of glimmers in some far-off distant future, with more shows, tours and festivals continuing to be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled for what seems like the umpteenth time. Thus, the only “normality” which those of seeking our regular fix for live music continues to exist only in the virtual world of cyberspace, via livestreamed events such as this, the latest in a weekly series brought to us by the lovely people behind the wonderful New Wave of Classic Rock Facebook group, who have continued to fly the flag for the genre, in all its forms, with these showcases of some of the finest ÜK acts around… The formula is basically the same every week, with two bands performing a handful of songs, either in full electric format or stripped back to an acoustic alternative, with each set preceded by interviews with the acts concerned.

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