Author: Team Uber

1914 – ‘Where Fear and Weapons Meet’ (Napalm Records)

Welcome back to the front lines. 1914 lead us on another offensive through the darkness and brutality of the First World War. Over the course of eleven tracks, we’re offered a powerful mix of blackened death/doom metal. ‘Where Fear and Weapons Meet’ offers up not only titanic riffs and punishing rhythms, but also historical stories of ordinary humanity during extraordinarily dark times.

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Welcome to another edition of the Über Rock Singles Club, which we have managed to keep up-and-running despite the numerous Covidications which we all have had to endure over the past 20 months, in order to bring you the hottest new sounds around. And once again we have another hitlist of superb sonic experiences to tickle you sonic senses, with 19 of my favourite tunes to have found their way on to the ÜRHQ deathdecks over the course of the past fortnight…

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EXTENDED PLAY: Bite-Sized Morsels of Musical Mayhem

For many years, the EP – or ‘Extended Player’, to give it its full title – was a criminally overlooked format. But, in recent years, it has made something of a deserved comeback, as bands face the challenge of continually producing new material but often not being able to commit to the cost of, or time to, recording full-length albums. It’s a format which Über Rock has long championed: hell, we have a ‘Top Five EPs’ category in our annual end-of-year writers’ poll – but, as a busy website, it is often difficult to justify devoting space to the more miniature format. So, in the return of our occasional feature – and what will probably (with our reputation) be an irregular one – Monk gave a listen to some of the EPs that have crossed his editor’s desk in recent weeks…

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