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Über Rock Introduces… Ruled By Raptors

Newcastle post-hardcore quartet Ruled By Raptors first came to our attention back in the summer of 2019, when they released their debut EP, ‘Ouroborous’. In my review at the time, I summarized that, while not perfect (but then what is these days?), the Romesh Dodangoda-helped offering was a “defiant statement of intent”, using phrases such as “brash and gnarly” along the way. Now, the four-piece are back with their second four-tracker, the admittedly somewhat ironically titled ‘Silent Sound’.

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The BIG Über Rock Interview – Kris Barras

David O’Neill has seen Kris Barras at several gigs since the release of his second album, ‘Divine And Dirty’, in 2018 and then seeing him live with Black Stone Cherry at Caerphilly Castle in 2019. The recent headline tour in support of his most recent release, ‘Death Valley Paradise’, which he caught in the Tramsheds in Cardiff, with Florence Black supporting him, was another highlight for our man from the Valleys. Therefore, the opportunity to catch up with the man backstage at Download 2022 was one that was too good for him to miss…

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The BIG Über Rock Interview: Danny Beardsley

Danny Beardsley may be best known as the guitarist in instrumental prog rock trio The Parallax Method, but that hasn’t stopped him finding his own voice, quite literally, as he has taken advantage of the Covidications of the past two years or so and the down time which which they forced him and so many other artists into enforced circumstantial changes to record not one but two solo albums. The second of these, ‘Chase The Sun’ is set to be released in just under two weeks’ time. So, that provided us with an apt opportunity to catch up with him and find out a bit more about what has been going on in his life and what the future holds.

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Uber Rock Introduces… Archives

Belfast-based noiseniks Archives introduced themselves to us at the tail end of last year, when they emerged out of the darkness and despair of two years of Covidications with their impactful and declarative debut album. At the time of its release, Monk described it as “deftly crafted and stridently confident”, an opinion he still holds some six months later.

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Uber Rock Introduces… Sluka

When it comes to high flying artists, there are few that fit the description more aptly than Seattle-based songsmith Christopher Sulka… well, he does own his own airplane and run a flying school! In between that, he’s also managed to produce 13 albums over the course of the last two decades. With his most recent, ‘Figure It Out’, currently available, we took the opportunity to catch-up with the guitarist/singer/composer to find out a bit more about what makes him tick.

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The Picturebooks – Sheffield, Corporation – 27 April 2022

Hailing from Germany, The Picturebooks are a motorcycle mending, chopper and skateboard-riding, blues-rock duo, creating dirt tracks across the globe in the biker and rock n roll scene.
This garage blues band consists of Fynn Claus Grabke (in charge of vocals and guitar) and Philipp Mirtschink (on drums), who met in the local skatepark in their hometown of Gütersloh and realised they shared the same daredevil skating mind-set and more – they’ve hung out pretty much every day since.

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Über Rock Introduces… The Risen Dread

Irish death metal quartet The Risen Dread got this current year off to the best possible slot, what with the release of their stunning debut album, ‘Night Hag’, which they promptly followed up with a coveted opening slot on the mighty ‘United Titans’ tour with genre legends Vader and Marduk. OK, they may have suffered something of a disappointment with the postponement of their planned hometown return, when the Clang festival was put on ice until October, but they’ve certainly hit the ground running… What better time to catch up with TRD co-founder and guitarist Will Ribeiro to find out a bit more about this rising (sic) Dublin crüe?

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Über Rock Introduces… The Kanz

London-based cyber punks The Kanz believe in doing things the old-fashioned way, by releasing a fuckton of singles over the past five years or so… and they have a shed load more in the pipeline, with the most recent being released just this past Friday, which provided us with the perfect excuse to catch up with workaholic frontman (and sometime actor) Fabio Nania to find out what makes him, and the rest of the band tick…

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