By DJ Astrocreep

It’s DJ Astrocreep back on the decks of doom in the Über Rock bar – fuck jukeboxes when we have so many quality songs sent in so frequently! What better way to find your new favourite band or song than by kicking back and chilling out with the following tracks, handpicked from the submissions coming in from all over the Überverse! The bar’s open and it’s time to play our first track!

First up, we have German-based punk ‘n’ rollers Lucifer Star Machine with the uptempo ‘Baby, When You Cry’. If Lemmy had somehow fathered a kid with one of The Ramones, he would be very proud if they played music like these guys – ironic when that’s exactly how this song sounds!

Beauty In Chaos are regular visitors to the bar and have put together an all-star collaboration cast for their ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned‘ album, released last year, with ‘A Kind Cruelty’, the latest single taken from it, is another slice of glam tinged post-punk that hits you right in the inner bits.

Along similar lines, we have grunge/alt-rock newcomers Gaygirl with a downbeat number that bridges between a level of delicacy and something a bit fuzzy and noisier, taken directly from their debut EP, ‘Pleasurehead’!

Aussie hardcore punkers Deez Nuts are back on the case with ‘DLDFL4EVA’, with a slightly more rock end to their usual right in your face attitude, though they can’t keep it that way all track long! The usual high quality, enjoyable song that they’ve released on countless occasions before!

Fellow Aussies Deathbeds have new single ‘Enough is Enough’ just out from their ‘Sinner‘ release, coming out next week, and man do they take it up a notch with some really heavy metallic hardcore in this latest release. Plenty of fire and aggression combine with delicate piano to create an ill feeling of noise in a great new track!

Blackpool’s Avarus were one that Jonny Bakes and I caught live at HRH Metal and here they are with latest single ‘Degraded’, literally released as I was just finishing up the writing of this feature! Mixing a modern metalcore sound with one approaching hard rock in this case – think Avatar’s ‘Let It Burn’ for an idea – and you have all the elements of a well-crafted song from this precocious act!

Turning it down a touch from there, we have melodic proggers Voyager with ‘Runaway’, with the Aussies (what are they putting in the beer down there? – Monk) showing quite how they are positioning themselves so well at the forefront of modern melodic prog metal in this track!

Northern Irish founded Rews are back with ‘Monsters’, another anthemic track promoting positive mental health and the struggles within your own head, contained within a power-pop package that will get under your skin and burrow itself deep into your ears until you, like me, have listened to it several times over and still want more!

Blues Pills are celebrating International Women’s Day with new track ‘Proud Woman’, a more uptempo release to some of their other tracks, but still heavy on Elin’s soul-drenched vocals, backed by a vintage blues/hard rock musical backing, a great way to introduce their forthcoming new album, ‘Holy Moly’.

Scouse art-rockers SPQR have become something of a local favourite of mine, having seen them twice in successive weeks last year, and their latest single ‘Just Sumfin’ is another chip off the old block, mixing catchy guitar hooks with a melodic approach to their music.

Another grunge-inspired stoner rock ‘n’ roll track now with BADGUYSWIN and their debut ‘Needle Beach’, combining Ozzy-like vocals with the kind of riffs you’d see Orange Goblin churning out through their career… quite the way to introduce themselves!

‘Hits Of Acid’ is certainly what you’ll be thinking you’ve taken with The Sonic Dawn‘s latest single, which is a rather soft, psychedelic ’60s sounding little number, sitting easily in the ear – that is, easy until you realise you’ve had it on repeat for almost half an hour without realising it!

Sheffield’s Sheafs are ‘Thinking Out Loud’ with their new track, combining punk ‘n’ roll with an almost Queens of the Stone Age feel, even better when you bear in mind it’s taken from their just-released debut EP, ‘Vox Pop’.

A slice of psychedelic goodness from Caleb Landry Jones, with the second single from his forthcoming debut, ‘The Mother Stone‘, in ‘All I Am In You/The Big Worm’ taking a rather downbeat and fuzzed side to the verses before kicking in heavier with the greyscale psych in what is a quite intriguing mix of almost discordance at times!

Time for another little rest point so you can all top up your drinks, as Myrkur has her final single from the forthcoming striking release, ‘Folkesange‘, in ‘Gudernes Vilje’, a breathtaking take on Scandanavian folk from a ridiculously talented person.

Follow Deep might be young, but ‘Before The Storm’ shows a songwriting maturity and style that belies their tender years. A rather ominous-sounding alt-rock act with well-crafted songs!

Italian orchestral death metal giants Fleshgod Apocalypse have earned their reputation the hard way, combining brutality with a classical approach across the years, something they’ve continued with ‘Monnalisa’, their latest track. Including a masterpiece of a video that somehow slipped through our net last week, they have taken their trademark heaviness and introduced an almost mainstream appeal to it, which is some feat in itself!

Extreme death metal powerhouses Viscera, who have just headed out on the road with Decapitated as part of the Rising Merch ‘Faces Of Death’ tour (which hits the ÜK later this week) have crafted something a bit different with ‘Delilah’, mixing technical guitar playing, a deathcore and slam feel, along with something approaching symphonic in the background, making a highly agreeable mix of something that can be perfectly described as very fucking heavy!

I have to admit that shock ‘n’ roll duo White Collar Sideshow were a new one to me, despite their 14 years together, until I heard ‘Bring Out Your Dead’ – something I will now be aiming to fix sharpish! An industrial rock sound, akin to some Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie, mixed with a vaudeville approach makes for a stupidly catchy number!

The Wants are a rather imposing sounding post-punk entity, combining dead-pan delivery with what becomes a growing crescendo of noise behind them in ‘Container’, crafting a well-mixed track that is the titular from their forthcoming debut release and keeps me in mind of goth favourite ‘Warm Leatherette’.

One final track for this edition of the Singles Club then, as Baby Chaos release ‘Run Towards The Roar’ as the first single from their just-released latest album, ‘Ape Confronts Cosmos’. A Muse-sounding melodic and catchy alt-rock track is just the right song to earworm you wish as you make your way home from the bar tonight! Until next time!

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