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Khirki – ‘Κυκεώνας’ (Venerate Industries)

Taking its name from what is believed to have been an ancient Greek a psychoactive compounded brew, as expounded in the Eleusinian Mysteries, this album from Athenian trio Khirki mixes a heady concoction that blends doom metal with traditional Hellenic folk music, arena anthemics and classic rock vibes into a truly intoxicating aural cocktail that produces many flavours and a sense of exploratory sensitivity that will have even the most discerning palette wondering what it has just sampled.

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Manic Eden – ‘Manic Eden’ (Music Theory Recordings)

It was 1993. The hair metal movement had expended the last of its ‘spray and had been over-taken by grungier, dirtier vibes. One of the biggest, most iconic, most recognizable bands on the scene were put on what seemed to be an indefinite hiatus, with their lead singer deciding to explore more diverse musical directions, leaving three of the musicians who had helped propel him to the top of the arena-selling bills in somewhat of a state of limbo. No that they decided to hang about, as they did what they did best and that was continue making music… and so it was that Whitesnake members Adrian Vandenberg, Rudi Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge found themselves putting together this one-off album, now re-released to mark its 30th anniversary.

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Keith McCoy – ‘Dawn Of The Machines’ (Self-Released)

Hailing from the historic Irish city of Limerick, Keith McCoy has been releasing music as a solo artist since 2020, including a number of synth albums/EPs, horror film scores (including a track on a John Carpenter tribute album), four progressive metal EPs and various other projects/session work with the likes of other local acts such as Mysteries End, Hedfuzy, Soylent Chiba… In other words, he’s quite a busy chappie. But, with such a prodigious volume of work in such a relatively short space of time, is it a case of quantity over quantity?

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The Über Rock Singles Club Daily Pick – Garzi

Monk’s latest hot off the presses selection comes from an artist who virtually single-handedly is striving to redefine the term “crossover”, standing as he does at the junction of alt-rock, post-emo pop punk, grunge, nu-metal, rap and garage punk, all combined with an innate sense of how to produce a brilliantly crafted power pop anthem. And, believe us, we at ÜRHQ are feeling #MuchBetter for making his acquaintance…

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Hawkwind/Solstice – Manchester, Academy – 4 April 2024

Another chance to see the mighty Hawks live ws the prize for the big lad by the name of Astrocreep on another trip over to Manchester on a wet evening. While he’s now seen them on 17 occasions, the most Ihe’s watched any band live, they have a way of forever capturing both your imagination and holding your attention that makes them a repeated must see. A single support band are on the card in the form of Solstice, which should mean lots of guitar wankery of the finest calibre. Less than 20 songs between two bands and almost three hours of set time – yep, definitely a progressive gig!

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Myrkur/Jonathan Hultén – Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg – 7 April 2024 Score 0%

Myrkur/Jonathan Hultén – Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg – 7 April 2024

Alright to preface this, Jase W was absolutely knackered. He had covered quite a bit of distance this weekend but he’s a glutton for punishment and he wasn’t going to miss Myrkur doing a show in the next town over so here he was, ready to get his face blasted. Somehow he had missed Myrkur several times over the past few years, with a few appearances either in Manchester or ArcTanGent, but not this time! She’s playing Tivoli Vredenburg’s high up stage of Pandora but interestingly has absolutely flat out sold this venue out so the balcony is open – so our man doesn’t mind if he does! Anyway, it’s Myrkur with Jonathan Hultén in support and the stage appears to be extremely verdant, with various flora dotted around the stage.

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Spite/Bodysnatcher/Boundaries/Mouth For War – Antwerp, Trix – 6 April 2024

Sometimes Jase W genuinely asks himself ifhe’s mental but since moving to the continent he has found himself seeing just how far trains can get him for a weekend show. So, this past weekend he crossed the Dutch border to Antwerp for some proper angry metal, courtesy Spite, who caught his attention on the Thy Art Is Murder tour last year, along with Bodysnatcher, Boundaries and Mouth For War. This was going to be one of those shows where our man wouldl need to keep one eye on the crowd for errant legs and pints – but he’s seen how the Dutch go apeshit at shows, so now it’s time to see how the Belgians do it too!

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