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Black Country Communion ‘BCC V’ (J&R Adventures)

The first time David O heard Glenn Hughes sing was around 50 years ago when Deep Purple III released ‘Burn’ in 1974! As a wet-behind-the-ears 14-year old he and a friend were blasting ‘Burn’ before they took a trip to London to see the third incarnation of Deep Purple in the Lewisham Odeon. No mean feat for two teenagers from the valleys of south east Wales.

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These Five Years/downcast/Revenant – Cardiff, Fuel Rock Club – 6 June 2024

You shouldn’t us to tell you that grass roots venues are the lifeblood of the music industry. It equally goes without saying that, without them, no new bands would ever get to perform. Unfortunately, too many small and middle-sized venues are closing due to lack of support for them and the music they promote. It is only by the public continuing to support these venues and the dedicated cohort of promoters who push a wide variety of musical genres that up and coming bands are getting the exposure and opportunity to perform live.

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Gurt ‘Satan ETC’ (When Worlds Collide)

Love doom music but have too much energy and love to party? Well Gurt has curved out a very specific niche just for you… You may have heard of party thrash, but have you party doom yet? Coming hot on the heels of the fantastically named ‘Bongs of Praise’ comes this latest effort from London’s Gurt in the form of ‘Satan ETC’. And while the name of the album doesn’t have quite the same attention grabbing nature this time, I don’t think it needs to because the draw is all there in the music!

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Joanne Shaw Taylor ‘Heavy Soul’ (Journeyman Records)

Since being discovered by Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) at age 16, this is album number nine in the past 15 years from Joanne Shaw Taylor. There have been some departures to more commercial albums that drew criticism from some quarters in the past. However, in the opinion of our man from the Valleys, this is a considered return to her blues/roots music that has brought her considerable success in that genre.

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