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Puppy – ‘Pure Evil’ (Rude Records)

Over the last year or so, Puppy have been a group that has repeatedly come up either in news articles Jase W has been reading, with singles announcements, tour announcements (and their subsequent rescheduling) and most recently their latest album; ‘Pure Evil’. The three-piece, from London in good old Blighty, label themselves in their Facebook’s About section as simply “Heavy Metal”, which after checking this album out and it being JW’s first introduction to Puppy in lieu of catching them on the Manchester stop of their current tour, seems to undersell the pretty varied sound they have on ‘Pure Evil’.

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Ugly Kid Joe/Strangers With Guns – Belfast, Limelight 2 – 23 May 2022

You can tell when a band just loves playing live when they squeeze in additional headline shows on “off days” during an arena-filling support tour. You can also tell when they have an affection for a particular corner of the Überverse when they don’t take the easy option by playing said dates on the ÜK mainland but instead venture across the most expensive expanse of water on the planet to bring the party to the island of Ireland… and it shows how much that gesture is appreciated that the first of the two shows in question sees the venue rammed to the rafters on a Monday night…

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The Courettes – ‘Back In Mono (B-Sides & Outtakes)’ (Damaged Goods)

One of last year’s most distinctive albums was ‘Back In Mono’, the third album from Denmark’s The Courettes, which combined fuzzed up psyche rock with a Phil Spector ‘wall of sound’ ’60s pop vibe to great effect. The album was highly acclaimed, and now to compliment it comes a new mini-album ‘Back In Mono (B-Sides & Outtakes)’, containing new tunes, B-sides and rarities from around the time of the original album.

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Kickin’ Valentina/She Burns Red – Crumlin, The Patriot– 18 May 2022

The return of the music scene has seen a plethora of gigs announced, almost too many to support them all but it’s not only about ÜK bands anymore like it was last year after the first lockdown. The return to international touring is giving music fans a great opportunity to see other bands. Von Hertzen Brothers last week was a joy but a bit closer to home gets David O’Neill to see his first ÜS band for a while.

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Thy Kingdom Will Burn – ‘The Void And The Vengeance’ (Scarlet Records)

Finland – the country with the most metal bands per capita (at a whopping 42.6 per 100,000). There just seems to be something in the water that results in metal bands just sprouting out of the ground deep in the Finnish forests! So, it’s really of no surprise that this latest album I’ve picked up hails from that very country, but what is perhaps more surprising is that this is a sophomore release within one year of their debut album. Those guys in Thy Kingdom Will Burn have certainly been busy over the last year, but will ‘The Void And The Vengeance’ be the polished product of a creativity surge, or a rushed job to maintain momentum? Naturally the only way to find out is for Jonny B to give it a spin…

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