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DITZ – ‘5 Songs’ EP (Alcopop! Records)

If you like lo-fi on your hi-fi, garage-produced sounding sound that’s as raw as… ehm, the contents of a vegan lunchbox, DITZ may well be for you. These five post-punkers from Brighton take noise rock to a new level with their live shows known to be chaotic and unpredictable events. In other words, vivid experiences that you will always remember, whether you want to or not. Not ones to conform to the hardcore scene in sound or personality, they also speak to challenge common societal attitudes having addressed issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community such as bigotry and homophobia. 

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Lucy and the Rats – ‘Got Lucky’ (Stardumb Records/Dirty Water Records)

“What year is it?” – it’s a phrase that, like many of us, Jonny B has found himself saying on a regular basis as it seems that time has lost all meaning in the recent months bouncing between four walls. Fortunately like the rest of the UR team, he’s been lucky to have a nice bucket of albums to work through to keep him sane… but even those seem to be conspiring against his ability to tell what year it is. There’s plenty of bands out there who have formed their own niche in a different decade whilst existing in this one. Either there’s  a musical time travelling conspiracy going on, or just that bands are spoilt for choice with their influences… which is why he found himself questioning the year again when I had my first listen through this latest release from Lucy and the Rats…

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Godless North – ‘Dark Rites of the Mystic Order’ (Nebular Carcoma)

It’s becoming a pretty common occurrence at the moment for black metal bands to dig up those long-forgotten demos, that were once doomed to stay underground, and dust them off ready to see the light of day again. Generally, these are seriously raw and sound like they were recorded straight onto cassette with a boombox in the corner of the studio. It’s primitive, and unpolished, and exactly what you should expect from the underground black metal scene.

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