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Bury Tomorrow – ‘Cannibal’ (Music For Nations/Sony Music)

When ‘Black Flame’ set a charge under the backside of the music industry in July 2018, catapulting Bury Tomorrow to even greater heights than before, you had to wonder how long the Southampton five piece could keep this going. It’s rare enough for a band so heavy to hit the top 40 with an album at all, never mind three consecutive times, having previously done so with ‘Runes’ in 2014 and ‘Earthbound’ two years later. Lesley M wonders if they they can make it a quadruple whammy with album #6…

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The HU – ‘The Gereg’ (Deluxe Edition)’ (Better Noise Music)

If there was one band whom you couldn’t miss in 2019, it was quite possibly The HU, who came storming out of Mongolia with the ferocity of that most famed of their ancestors, Genghis Khan, and proceeded to conquer the world with their blend of traditional throat music and modern metal miens. Here in the Über Kingdom, their debut full length offering smashed its way into the album charts, and the band rampaged across Europe on a sold out tour – one of the last by an international act before the continent went into lockdown over the Covid-19 pan(dem)ic.

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The Osiris Club – ‘Blazing Worlds – Live At Roadburn’ (Bad Elephant Music)

London progressive rockers The Osiris Club have kept themselves busy recently, inking a new deal with Bad Elephant Music and preparing to release not one but two new albums this year. Ahead of the label releasing the band’s third studio album ‘The Green Chapel’ later this year, BEM have taken the opportunity to release ‘Blazing Worlds – Live At Roadburn’ first.

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