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Bonded – ‘Rest In Violence’ (Century Media)

Cast your mind back to early 2018 and you may recall the controversial change to Sodom’s line-up when guitarist Bernd Kost and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald found themselves unceremoniously fired via Whatsapp. Not prepared to just sit at home sulking, they’ve returned with Bonded, an all-new metal act with former members of Suicidal Angels and Assassin filling in the gaps. ‘Rest In Violence’ is their debut album and while it ticks all the thrash boxes, it also gives them a chance to flex their muscles in ways they might not have before.

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Incite/Sworn Amongst/Death Remains/Deified – Manchester, Star And Garter – 17 January 2020

Four bands, each with a decent set length, playing some heavy, heavy shit is quite the contrast from our resident gigaholic’s previous acoustic-based gig with Mark Morton but just as welcome. After catching Richie Cavalera for a chat about the band’s schedule, music videos, empowering women and risking their lives driving to a gig through a blizzard in the mountains, a brief wait ensued for the big lad before the bands got underway in the latest of Tapestry Promotions shows.

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Dead Furies – ‘Stay Gold’ (Self-Released)

It’s always great to hear a band naturally evolve and continue to expand their sound while not losing any of their previous identity. Dead Furies have successfully managed the task on their third studio album where the Action Rock components are perhaps not as pronounced as they were on the previous material, but the songs still bleed soul, heart, and tears. Dead Furies hail from Estonia and remain the only band Gerald S knows from that country. ‘Stay Gold’ is a no brainer purchase if you have liked their previous albums or excellent dirty rock n roll.

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