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Wall – ‘Wall’ EP (APF Records)

The last year has been a seriously frustrating time for everyone and people have dealt with this in different ways. Some people picked up new hobbies, some turned to functional alcoholism and others just went completely loopy. But Ryan and Elliot Cole of Desert Storm took their own frustrations of being cooped up together for months on end and condensed them down into a raw instrumental EP named after the thing we’ve all seen far too much of… ‘Wall’.

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Nomadic Rituals – ‘Tides’ (Cursed Monk Records)

It has to be admitted that there are times when the city of Belfast stinks. Absolutely feckin’ reeks. Walking through its now deserted streets late at night, you often cannot fail to detect the stench emanating from below your feet. It’s the aroma of the ancient sleech beds on which the city is built, and which continue to make their presence known, despite the best endeavours of modern technology to eliminate the unmistakeable odour of putrefaction and decay upon which we tread each and every day. And it is from these sleech beds that Nomadic Rituals crawled some eight years ago, bringing their own brand of putrefying sonic stench into the dark light – and have done so once more with this, their third full-length album.

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Red Cain – ‘Kindred: Act II’ (Self-Released)

For Jonny B, power prog metal takes the best aspects of two of his favourite genres and smashes them together into a hybrid that is almost better than the sum of its parts. It’s almost like the time some hard working Northern lad took the initiative to combine chips and gravy together and completely revolutionised English cuisine. So, as you can tell, it’s a genre that he’s particularly familiar with, and would count several bands from the genre among my all-time favourites too. So while this is great for our readers, it does mean that any band that flies the power prog banner has quite a benchmark to overcome…

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