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Animal House – ‘Living in Black and White’ (Punishment 18)

They always say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and we guess the same can be said for bands – you shouldn’t judge them by their name. But on this occasion, Jonny B just couldn’t help himself when he came across Italian power metallers Animal House. Immediately all he could think of was Bluto and the boys from Delta House, which gave him great expectations of a pretty raucous beer-fuelled time, and perhaps even a rendition of ‘Louie Louie’ ? Suffice to say his interest was sufficiently piqued so he grabbed himself an early copy of their latest album ‘Living in Black and White’, cracked open a beer (or several) and gave them a spin…

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Saxon – ‘Inspirations’ (Silver Lining Music/Militia Guard)

Many bands have been forced to take new approaches to creativity during this global pandemic. Whether it’s through releasing singles, playing live stream concerts, or making music videos, many bands are doing all they can to stay positive and keep the music alive. English heavy-metal royalty, Saxon, are returning to their roots and digging deep into their inspirational vault to deliver their own rendition of famous rock songs that have shaped them during their formative years.

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Ronnie Atkins – ‘One Shot’ (Frontiers Music)

If ever an album had an appropriate title, it is this solo debut from Pretty Maids’ charismatic leader Ronnie Atkins. Because it is an album that has been born out of the most extreme of personal circumstances, and one which perhaps presents the singer with that all-important one final shot at making his voice heard, defiantly and proudly and in a way in which he has the sort of control which may shortly be taken from them… and that, it has to be admitted, is exactly what he has managed to do on this, a stunning declaration of intent made in the wake of the devastating revelation that he had been diagnosed with incurable stage four cancer…

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