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Revolution Saints – ‘Revolution Saints’ (Frontiers Music)

The brainchild of Frontiers Records’ boss Serafino Perugino – who not only has a knack for putting together such “superstar” combos (to varying degrees of success, it has to be admitted) but also, it could be argued, has been almost single-handedly responsible for re-establishing AOR and melodic rock in general on the musical map – Revolution Saints (for those who are unfamiliar with the name) brings together three of the most respected musicians in the field: drummer Deen Castronovo from Journey, Night Ranger frontman Jack Blades and guitarist Doug Aldrich. The main difference is that this particular project enables Castronovo to step out from behind his kit and take over lead vocal duties.

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NASA Assassin – ‘Area 69’ (Self-Released)

The ‘official’ historical records claim that Carrickfergus Castle – an imposing edifice on the northern shore of Belfast Lough – was built by the Norman conqueror John DeCourcy on a rock known for the healing powers of its fresh spring (and also its badass location)… however, the locals – and those of us you used to live there – know better! The legend goes that the rock upon which the castle stands (the town was originally named after the Dalriadan king Fergus Mór mac Eirc, who claimed that aforesaid spring had cured his leprosy) is actually a protective cloak for an alien spacecraft which crashlanded there millennia agom, and that one day its owners would return to reclaim it! Well, fast forward to 2014 and enter five mysterious figures collectively known as the Assassins: led by a mysterious white-coated, mad-eyed character known only as ‘The Watcher’, with the rest dressed all in black and bearing the enigmatic code ‘NASA’ emblazoned on their arms, lore stipulates that they are using music as a force by which to re-energise their craft and thus return to whence they came…

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The BIG Über Rock Interview – Mike Tramp

He may have played some of the biggest stadiums in the world, and partied alongside some of the biggest names in the business, but that was 20 years ago… and these days it is the simpler things in life which provide the ‘mane attraction’ for Mike Tramp. Things such as walking the once cobblestoned streets and docksides of his rediscovered hometown of Copenhagen, and travelling across Europe with his guitar on the backseat of his car, playing to small crowds in intimate venues and then hanging out afterwards for a pint.

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