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The Macc Lads/The Gimme Gimme Gimmes – Glasgow, The Garage – 15 November 2019

The Macc Lads are having a party, down on Sauchiehall Street? Well there was no way Jonny B was going to miss a night of important life lessons about supping ale, shagging and the correct way to treat women, as he was raised on the Macc Lads. In fact, he distinctly remembers his dad sitting him down, pouring a pint of Boddies down his neck and playing through ‘Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy’. So, when they announced a date at the Garage in Glasgow, he signed himself straight up to head on up the M6 to get involved…

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Periphery/Plini/Astronoid – Manchester, O2 Ritz – 14 November 2019

Periphery are one of these bands which still seem to be on the fringe of popular metal, those who are into the more proggy music have at least heard of them, in the UK at least. It’s been roughly two years since their last tour, which stopped off at the same venue so it’s a bit of a return home for them. As a bit of a foreword, Jase W absolutely loves Periphery, they’re easily one of his favourite bands and have been since he saw them for the first time at Sonisphere a number of years back. They’re more or less responsible for most of the music he listen to these days, so of course he wasn’t going to be one to miss this one…

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Hawkwind/The Blackheart Orchestra – Manchester, Albert Hall – 15 November 2019

Catching Hawkwind live is pretty much a yearly thing for our resident gigaholic now. Sitting amongst the big lad’s favourite bands, the veteran space rockers may only boast Dave Brock from the heady early days of a band that brought the likes of Lemmy to public attention, but a 50th anniversary is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, quite an achievement. After last year’s orchestral tour was a resounding triumph, they’ve moved from the Lowry to the Albert Hall, another venue known for its acoustics, which should suit them down to the ground.

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