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The Uber Rock Approved stampWe continue to receive a veritable tsunami of video clips – another 150+ of them in the past week alone – being sent our way in a bid to be the latest recipient of the coveted title and virtual gong of being named our favourite…

Believe me, we do watch all of the submissions, and, apart from those which don’t meet our criteria – i.e., no lyric videos, no straight performance clips and no “playthroughs” – most of them are of an extremely high quality, but there can only ever be one winner… And, to that end, this week’s selection comes from a band who have built a global empire with more devastating effect than their their storied ancestor, Genghis Khan.

We are, of course, talking about Mongolian folk metallers The HU, who this week unleashed a dose of unseasonable ‘Black Thunder’ in the form of the second single to be lifted from their forthcoming sophomore album, which in turn will see them let loose a ‘Rumble Of Thunder‘ at the beginning of September.

Vocalist Gala told us a bit more about the song, and the epic video, which was filmed in the stunning landscape of their native Mongolia:

‘Black Thunder’ is the crown jewel of our second album. The music video is split into two parts and conveys the core values of men through visuals. Our producer, Dashka, chose a unique location in Mongolia to shoot the video, where we had a great time riding the horses in the vast grassland of our countryside. We hope that our pride in our culture shines through, as we aimed to bring viewers joy and a piece of our culture through this video:

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