Chosen by DJ Astrocreep

This week’s feature had a bumper selection to choose from, almost double our usual number of submissions, so it needed a lot more than usual to make it omtp the final shortlist. Judging on song, video quality and the something different required to make it this week was our resident gig maniac, DJ Astrocreep.

First up are Black Star Riders with their new single, the aptly-timed ‘In The Shadow Of A War Machine’, another chip off the classic rock block from the veteran rockers. It’s a shout out at the current state of the world, taken from last year’s opus ‘Another State Of Grace‘, with the band looking forward to a return to the Über Kingdom in the summer, with appearances at the Ramblin’ Man Fair and Stone Dead festivals.

It’s a first video from Douglas Von Irwin’s Carnival for ‘Cave Man Rock’ that is our next choice, with a highly tongue in cheek approach to back up a quite tongue in cheek old school rock song:

Something a bit different next, as Cheerbleederz present an ainmated video for ‘Disco’, the latest track from the jangly indie punkers. High on melody and a generally upbeat feeling, the backing track works well alongside the video:

To close of this week’s feature, let’s go for the title track from Lesbian Bed Death‘s release last year in ‘Born To Die On VHS’. An up tempo gothic punk rock song with, once again, a very tongue in cheek sense of humour about the video – a great way to finish off!