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The Uber Rock Approved stampIt’s DJ Astrocreep back on the wheels of steel, bringing my pick of the latest and greatest singles from around the rock ‘n’ roll überverse to be sent our way over the last couple of weeks. Monk is on the bar, ready to serve your physically distant drinks, while The Dark Queen is supervising from her throne in the manager’s office. Time to crank the music, then!

To open the feature we have Scouse alt-rockers Attic Theory, who shine brightly with their latest single ‘Your Light’. A highly accomplished act with a soulful, harmonious, well-layered take on a modern ballad.

Chicago alt-rockers Madina Lake are back in business, with the ‘Silver Lines’ off their forthcoming EP, ‘The Beginning Of New Endings‘. It’s another slice of what they’ve always done best: melodic alt-rock verging on emo and a worthy continuation of their legacy.

Some blues-rock next, as Mike Ross declares it’s ‘None Of Your Business’ with his latest head-nodding, foot-tapping single that sounds like it comes from the late ’60s/early ’70s heyday of its ilk.

Next up are proggers Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate with latest album title track ‘Nostalgia For Infinity‘. A slice of gorgeous melodic prog rock with a well-crafted mix of melody and softer synths combine well with a more than adequate rhythm section to create an atmospheric, luxurious feeling track.

Irish dream grungers Bitch Falcon are a band I found through someone’s cover of one of their tracks and have taken interest in since and they’re serving up another slice of fuzzed-out melodiousness, with a sound that manages to bridge an ethereal sounding vocal and guitar to a crashing fuzz of bass and drums to an impeccable level on their latest ‘Test Trip’.

Possessor are a horror-influenced proto-metal act hailing from London, with the Cerberus like offering wanting to ‘Damn The Light’. Another example of why APF released bands are so highly thought of, as the fuzz heavy beast demonstrates some real ability with textures that Cthulhu himself would be proud to enact upon the world.

New Deftones is a reason to celebrate and ‘Ohms’ shows they have lost none of their touch in the time since their last release. A great marker for their forthcoming album and one that will have us all eagerly anticipating what’s to come!

Norwegian psych rockers Death by Unga Bunga have been around a long time and it’s pretty easy to see why in latest track ‘Trouble’, another high energy, raw sounding garage psych-rock that will worm itself into your skull for days.

New Pagans have a new single about their ‘Yellow Room’, with their alt-punk vocal harmonies and jangly guitars making light of a subject that is far from it. Another great effort from the Northern Irish up and comers.

Devon-based duo Moriaty have their heavy blues single ready to ‘Shake’ things up, with a Queens of the Stone Age feel to their approach of vocal harmonies and driving rhythms proving to be a hit with us at ÜR!

Goth stalwarts Cabaret Voltaire are escaping their crypts once more, producing something quite different and maybe more in touch with their electronic roots than the likes of ‘Nag Nag Nag’ with new track ‘Vasto’. It bodes very well for their first release in over 20 years being released later this year!

Pop-punk newcomers Three Cheers Too Late are starting to develop a reputation for their earnestness following last year’s debut EP, maybe thinking that ‘This Might Be It’ with this track laden with everything that pop-punk fans look for in the genre.

Aussie upstarts A. Swayze & the Ghosts are closing in on their debut release as they think there’s ‘Nothing Left To Do’ in this punk rock doozy. Up-tempo, full of power and noise with a hint of groove to the basslines in a manner Mick Jones loved to do.

Anyone into their death –infused thrash metal will probably already be quite familiar with Possession, with ‘Beyond the Grave’ being featured on their forthcoming double CD of all their recordings. Another slice of fast, aggressive metal from the legendary act.

While we’re on the heavy stuff, let’s have a peek as ‘Asthenia’, the debut single from Edmonton metalcore upstarts Sionis. Plenty of technical ability combines with a well-worked juxtaposition of highly melodic clean and demon roaring rough vocals, with the music following the lyrical style in a rather able manner.

Girl Friday are out to cause an ‘Earthquake’, with their latest single rumbling around quite nicely. Melodic punk rock with choruses you’ll certainly want to shout along to, creating all the noise!

Dokken had some lost songs, you say? The AOR heavyweights have some new tracks to be released, though it’s ‘No Answer’ as to what you’ll think – though I think you’ll love it, myself. Another demonstration of why Don and co gained the success they have!

Power pop posse Muck and the Mires lament a ‘Zoom Breakup’ with their latest single, producing another song of pure melodic and enjoyable old school power pop, adding to their ever-growing collection of tracks that just make you want to sing along at the top of your voice!

Our penultimate track feels like a trip in itself, with the post-apocalyptic prog one-off from Le Cygne Noir by the name of ‘Time Like This’. A track that feels like Carpenter Brut partied with Hawkwind and they collaborated on something after several large doses of something maybe not so legal, in quite a brilliant fashion.

Finally, we have something a little bit different from our usual feature closer. We’re delighted to premiere the forthcoming single from independent artist Samer, with the single ‘Patchwork Heart’. It’s an instrumental track in the vein of ‘Judith’ era A Perfect Circle with some soaring guitar lines adding depth and verve to the track, giving it an extra lease of life!

Well, that’s your lot for this iteration of the Singles Club. Yet again, we’ve drunk the pumps dry and the optics are running low, so it’s time to neck the dregs and feck off to enjoy what’s left of this Sunday afternoon sunshine. We hope you agree that it’s been another eclectic collection, and that you found something to tickle your earbuds and drive you to explore some new musical horizons. Until next time, when Monk will be stepping out from behind the bar and back behind the death decks, keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and #StaySafe!

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