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Soufly – ‘Ritual’ (Nuclear Blast)

The idea of a latter-day critical resurgence is a rock trope that doesn’t look to be dying any time soon. No matter how many old guard bands pump out consistently solid material, no matter how many manage to exist in a perpetual state of cult acclaim, it seems the options for older, established bands are limited. Option A: go through the rigmarole of changing yourselves completely, running the risk of alienating original fans, irking critics and damaging your credibility. Option B: Continue doing what you do, falling so far from relevance that when the tides of music inevitably roll around again the same sound that put you on top in the first place is enough to put you right back at the top of the pile again.

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The Dirty Truckers – ‘Best Of’ (Rum Bar Records)

Don’t ever feel down in the dumps, folks, because you’re never alone with rock ‘n’ roll in your heart and with the stereo on LOUD! There can’t be anything sweeter than a band just kicking up a shitstorm of rock and roll music with strong hooks and melodies and a whole lot of energy and attitude that all adds up to a damn good time.

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