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Bokassa – ‘Crimson Riders’ (MVKA)

Cleverly released on the day that they open for the mighty Metallica at Twickenham Stadium, ‘Crimson Riders’ is the second album from the self-styled kings of the Norwegian stoner-punk scene. And it’s not hard to see why Bokassa would seek to lay claim to that crown, as this is a collection of eight tracks of controlled anarchy, fueled with a visceral acidity that immediately grabs you by the balls and forces you to pay attention, while simultaneously moving your neck muscles into an almost involuntary moshing action.

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Brian Cottrill – ‘Through The Keyhole’ (Self-Released)

Brian Cottrill quite rightly can be called a veteran of the west Virginia music scene – in fact, it is an epithet he proudly uses himself. He will (hopefully) be already known to UR readers, as for the past five years he has been the frontman and primary songwriter with the fantastic The Grey Agents, whose second album, ‘Last Generation’, blew me away with its natural, organic energy when it was released this time last year. That same energy is very obviously present on this, Cottrill’s debut solo album, featuring songs covering the entire gamut of his 34 years as a writer and performer.

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