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Author: Team Uber

Era Bleak – ‘Era Bleak’ (Dirt Cult Records)

We are certainly living in strange and troublesome times and Portland, OR, punk-rockers, Era Bleak, are here to provide the soundtrack! Our country is currently being run by a tangerine tyrant, during a global pandemic, and it seems like no one can be trusted. Honestly, what could be more bleak than that? Right from the start, you’re hit with a wall of raw, in-your-face energy with the title track ‘Era Bleak’. The lyrics “Things get shittier every week/No hope for the future in this era bleak” perfectly sums up how 2020 is going so far and it’s only the beginning!

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Brimstone Coven – ‘The Woes Of A Mortal Earth’ (Ripple Music)

Back in 2016, Jim R was asked to review Brimstone Coven’s second album ‘Black Magic’, which was released on Metal Blade. He was immediately enchanted by the sound of these Ohio melodic occult rockers, and the album ended up as my choice for album of the year that year. It was an excellent album that should have propelled them onto a whole new level, and certainly deserved to. Instead, circumstances stopped the momentum and they fell under the radar, but now they’re back with a new deal with Ripple Music and a new album ‘The Woes of a Mortal Earth’.

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Divided by Design – ‘Stages To Osiris’ (Self-Released)

There’s a very splaylist called “Prog Me Harder” on Spotify – and that’s because he can’t get enough of the experimentalism and unorthodox nature of prog metal. He loves the way that the songs are structured in such a way that they seem to suck you out of your body and into an almost dreamlike state, then suddenly you’ve listened to a 20 minute track and it feels like no time has passed at all. So, when the debut album from the progressive trio from Leeds, Divided by Design, landed in front of me for review, he knew it was time to see if it passed the Jonny Bakes prog playlist test…

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Robby Krieger – ‘The Ritual Begins At Sundown’ (The Players Club)

Robby Krieger is probably most well known for his stint as guitarist in The Doors. Born in LA, his early love was for classical music but after an initial attempt to learn to play the trumpet, he found the piano and used it to play mostly the blues. Krieger joined The Doors in 1965 after the departure of co-founder Ray Manzarek’s brothers, Rick and Jim from the original band, ‘Rick & The Ravens’. The Doors never replaced the bassist as they felt this gave them a unique sound, and it is this piece of information that hints at the talent that existed within The Doors.

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