Written by DJ Astrocreep and DJ Monk

For our second video of the week of 2019, we are already in double winner territory, albeit with two quite different styles!

Firstly, we have O.R.k. – a “supergroup” made up of Italian vocalist, producer and award-winning film score composer Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, aka LEF on lead vocals, King Crimson’s Pat Mastelotto on drums, Porcupine Tree’ bassist Colin Edwin and Marta Sui Tubi’s Carmelo Pipitone on guitars. ‘Kneel To Nothing’ is the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming new album, ‘Ramagehead’, with a cartoon based video accompanying a prog metal attack on your senses with plenty of melody:


For our second win, step forward London-based singer Evi Vine, with help from Simon Gallup of The Cure, with melodious dark alt-rock single ‘Sabbath’, taken from her forthcoming third album, ‘Black Light White Dark’, which is due for release next month: