Chosen by DJ Monk

Poster for the One Love video by SOiLIt’s very rarely that we come across a new video, but one which is actually for an old song. But, that is the case with this week’s winner of our coveted ‘Video Of The Week’ award…

For SOiL chose this past Halloween to release a new video treatment for the song ‘One Love’, which originally appeared on their 2013 studio album ‘Whole’

The video was filmed here in the Uber Kingdom during SOiL’s during SOiL’s recent tour supporting Static-X and, unusually for a music video, does not feature the band at all, but rather a cast of actors, as bassist Tim King explained:

“The director, David Gregory, approached us with an out of the box concept. It was an odd concept to not feature the band and make the video more of a mini movie rather than a music video. Also, with the song being six years old at this point, it really made no sense to launch it as something brand new or in a traditional way”.

With the video having an approach of something similar to the films “The Witch” or “I Spit On Your Grave”, the band felt it would be fun to debut the video on Halloween. Something to celebrate the season while the band works on new material for 2020.