Chosen by Monk

The Uber Rock Approved stampCurrently ripping up stages across the Über Kingdom with their frenetic live shows, this multi-cultural trio now regale us with the feverishly delivered latest instalment in their loose series of concept videos.

We’ll leave it to them to explain a bit more about what is going on in audio-visual terms:

‘La Corriente’ is indirectly part of the sequel of [previous #VideoOfTheWeek] ‘Under The Skin‘, as the beginning of the prequel takes place in 1994: the day a young Jonnie had to agree to become an apprentice to a commander coming from the Fractalworld. ‘La Corriente’ takes place at the show where his fate is sealed, setting the tone of the story that will be unfolding in the next video.

We are very grateful to everyone who took part in the video, especially Sunbird Records bar in Darwen that allowed us to shoot those two music videos in four days at their venue. It was a hard but fulfilling experience especially for Jess as she is directing and editing the videos.

Speaking about their current run of dates, which kicked off this past Thursday in Nottingham, the band told us:

We are excited for the tour as we’ll be playing with friends and bands that we love in venues that are so important for bands like us, without them we would never have the opportunities we’ve had since coming to the UK, immigrating to a country where you don’t know anyone can be really challenging, especially trying to break into an industry that we admire but that we didn’t have any connections to, without grassroots venues we wouldn’t be touring!

Calva Louise July 2024 tour poster

  • Calva Louise also play the 2000Trees festival next Saturday (13 July).