Author: Team Uber

Midgard – ‘Tales Of Kreia’ (Sliptrick Records)

Monk has to admit that, when this album submission first landed in the ÜRHQ inbox, he viewed it as something of an anomaly. A folk metal band from Ukraine who take their monicker from the ancient Norse name for the world of man (that’s Middle Earth to all you heathen Tolkienites), and a concept album about a rebellious Jedi knight… It didn’t seem to make any sense. But, then, slowly, it did…

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Diesel Machine – ‘Evolve’ (Metalville)

The annals of rock ‘n’ roll are littered with tales of bands who, to quote the title of a recently released single, coulda, shoulda, woulda made it bigger than they did if events hadn’t conspired against them… one such example is Diesel Machine, who, in the mid-Nineties were among the first wave of the then new-sounding groove metal acts, alongside Lamb Of God and Machine Head, to try and piggyback the coattails of the likes of heavy blues specialists such as Pantera and Crowbar.

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Sound Of Origin – ‘The All Seeing Eye’ (APF Records)

Since first finding these guys at Stonebaked Promotions’ ‘Sniff The Riff’ almost three years ago, describing them as heavy fuzz with a singer reminding me of a hippy Ozzy Osbourne, DJ Astrocreep has kept an eye out for these guys. He actually almost lost track of this release as a myriad of other things kept cropping up, but remembered in time to still catch this a little bit before release. The first dive into the music would show the big lad where their latest sound has gone to…

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