By Daniel Tsourekas

August Burns Red 2024 UK posterMetalcore rises once again on a rainy Thursday night, as August Burns Red tour their latest album, ‘Death Below’, with support from future hardcore titans thrown and Dying Wish.

While the gig wasn’t sold out, it was fascinating to see how many people turned up for the supports. After all, thrown and Dying Wish have been making waves following their respective support acts for Fit for a King and Counterparts alike.

Coming on stage with an aggressive attitude and a lot of confidence, thrown are the first band of the night, and straight of the bat the audience indulges in some hardcore moshing and two stepping. Seeing them on a larger scale takes some time to get used to, but their energy is unmatched, and it feels like they’re a headliner in an 100 cap room

Dying Wish on the other hand provide a performance so exceptional one would thing they’re the main event. With a punchy setlist comprised of old and new, following the release of their latest album Symptoms of Survival, each track is relentless, and projects that brutality onto the crowd. The mosh pit is going guns blazing as people are throwing hands left, right, and center even during the few circle pits that appear via the bands request.

This performance fully indicates Dying Wish’s bright future in the scene, and don’t be surprised if they end up headlining the same venue in a years time.

Last but not least, August Burns Red put their decades of experience on show with an explosive setlist and an excellent vocal performance from start to finish. While it does seem that the energy levels have dropped of in the beginning it doesn’t take much for the crowd to start  jumping around again.

Each breakdown is on point, the band can clearly communicate with their eyes closed to provide a seamless sonic experience whether that be through songs the likes of ‘Marianna’s Trench’, ‘Bloodletter’, ‘Composure’ and ‘White Washed’. There hasn’t been a moment throughout this whole concert which one could describe as bland, and it furthermore stands as a statement to the current dominance of metalcore and hardcore within the live sector.

August Burns Red’s show in Manchester can only be described as a complete success, and their support acts signal the future headliners to come.

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