Chosen by Monk

“The twisted waters they call out my name/I will swim with them but they’re not to blame”

The waters that wash the Yorkshire coastal village of Thornwyck are said to contain mystical, mythical qualities which result in them taking the lives of anyone who dares to approach them, as My Dying Bride vocalist Aaron Stainhope explains about the inspiration behind the lead single from the death-doom legends’ forthcoming 15th studio album:

Set upon the rugged coast of Yorkshire, Thornwyck village has spent an eternity being haunted by the chill waters that wash it’s shore – and the hidden folk who dwell in the salty depths. Woe betide anyone who fares into the briny sea, or even steels to close to it’s edge for they may never set foot back on mother earth.

Accompanied by a suitably haunting and gothic video, directed by Daniel Gray, better known for his animation work on films such as ‘Teeth’ and ‘Hide’, ‘Thornwyck Hymn’ is the first taster of ‘A Mortal Binding’, MDB’s first album since 2020’s awe inspiring ‘A Ghost Of Orion’.