Written by DJ Astrocreep

The Uber Rock Approved stampSo, it’s time for our inaugural Über Rock Singles Club of 2019 and it’s DJ Astrocreep here, taking some time out of my gigging schedule to listen through our early year releases. Despite it being so early in the year, our submissions bag has been actually quite full, with the usual variety of signed and unsigned bands offering up a wide variety of sounds for our mutual delectation and (hopefully) enjoyment.

First off, we have Jointpop from Trinidad, with a synth infused rock ‘n’ roll track that sounds like it’s come straight from Van Halen’s back catalogue!

A touch heavier next as we venture over to Italy for some death metal, as Eresia have sent in their upcoming single, ‘Fai O Muori’ for us to have a listen to, with rough vocals and an old school death metal sound.

Veering in a slightly more technical direction now, it’s time for Canadian outfit Continuum‘s release ‘From Flesh And Blood’. A newer death metal sound with crushing heaviness – a great track for anyone into their heavier end music!

Across to Scandanavia next, as Spielbergs ‘Five On It’ is a good slab of alt-rock with the vocals meshed into the music in a manner quite reminiscent of the likes of The Gin Blossoms – a very accessible track!

In a similar vein, we have ‘C’Mon C’Mon C’Mon’, a re-issued solo effort from The Connections’ frontman Brad Marino, with a very Ramones’ punk ‘n’ roll vibe with some great vocal harmony – so close, you could be forgiven it was actually them!

Alesti, featuring James DeBerg of Thousand Below, have their modern sounding alt-rock single ‘House of Glass’ out a few days ago. There is almost a post-rock feel at times with a pretty decent soundscape enveloping it.

Staying on the alt-rock sound, we have a quite tongue-in-cheek effort next, with a remix of Slothrust‘s ‘Double Down’ (the original mix is shown in the video link). A likeable, laidback track.

Electrorockers My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult release their new album ‘In The House of Strange Affairs’ in February, and launched it with single ‘The Chains of Fame’ on New Year’s Eve:

Finnish modern metal act Chronoform take rough vocals and blend them into a musically melodic mix, making them more on a par with the instruments, rather than overpowering them in the way that most of their counterparts too, leading to a rather interesting soud, soothing yet savage.

For something a little more old-school sounding now, we have Edmond Jefferson & Sons with their new single ‘Helsinki’, a melodic blues-rock track that will have your head banging, created in a similar melodic vein to QOTSA’s ‘Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret’:

Melodic electro-rock act Cabinet of Millionaires display a social conscience with new single ‘Theresa’ – aimed at the current UK Prime Minster – with an engaging video demonstrating the plight of the homeless:

Melodic aoom titans Swallow The Sun have released a new track as a sneak peek of their forthcoming album on Century Media Records – we would be rather remiss to miss out this fantastic slab of melody!

Last but by far no means least, south-eastern UK-based Vrillon have their new single ‘Wizard’ coming out shortly, and it’s a nice slab of melodic alt-rock with wide appeal beyond the usual alt-rock sector in a way not too many bands achieve.

That brings us to the end of our first edition of the Singles Club of 2019. Monk will be bringing you your next round up in a fortnight’s time, so I’ll be back with this in four weeks. Until then, keep on rocking!