Chosen by Monk

We’re not playing #HideAndSeek with my latest selection, as it marks something of a moment in history, as it is the first new music in a little more than a quarter of a century from one of the pioneering bands of the Eighties noise rock movement.

Vocalist David Yow describes this opening salvo as a perky ditty about a witch who can’t behave, and it’s got nearly as many hooks as a Mike Tyson fight.

Speaking about the album, ‘Rack’, which will follow in September, guitarist Duane Denison says:

There are definitely some references to the past, but it’s more as a point of departure: We don’t stay there.

Bassist David Wm. Sims adds:

We literally only made the record because we thought it would be fun to make the record.

Not wanting to be left out of the quote machine, drummer Mac McNeilly threw in his three cents worth in relation to the camaraderie between the band members:

We are bonded by the music we make, and also by the respect we have for each other.

  • Rack‘ will be released on 13 September.
  • The Jesus Lizard return to the ÜK and Ireland in January, with shows in Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, London, Brighton, Belfast and Dublin.