By Tom Hocker

Nonpoint Million Watts 2024 tour posterHello again to all you deviants and degenerates. Today is an extra special treat as this is only the second or third concert review I’ve done and my debut offering for Über Rock… so don’t be too brutal \m/ For this occasion, I had the privilege of getting to see NonPoint perform and also give commentary on what I saw.

So, unfortunately, I got to the show after Dropout Kings played, but luckily, I got there just in time for one of favorite bands and some all-around good dudes… (hed)PE. The guys delivered like they have every other time I’ve seen them live. Jahred, the ultimate frontman/crowd pleaser completely crushed it, as did the entire crew. I loved seeing them play some of my favorites, including ‘Raise Hell’, ‘Renegade’ and even a track from their ‘Broke’ album, ‘Bartender’. Thanks, guys, for always being there for your fans.

Now onto the headliner NonPoint. Elias, Rob and the rest of the Florida rockers came out with a swing and played much of the newer songs in their catalogue.

The set started out with ‘Breaking Skin’, and the crowd goes wild and erupts into fury. Some other intense songs were ‘Ruthless’, ‘Chaos’ and ‘Earthquakes’, and a brand new song in new single ‘Underdog’, which speaks to the band’s journey from struggling band to national headliner. I really love these types of songs. Elias is fucking hilarious too.. They brought out a “guest vocalist” which turned out to be a cardboard cutout of Usher.

Elias also accidentally called the Knoxville crowd Nashville (whoops). Well, when you are badasses to the top degree in music I would imagine the cities would run together. But you won’t find judgement here. I’m just a crazy asshole behind a keyboard.

Thank you to Nonpoint for the amazing set. Elias showed off his vocal skills for sure. It has been over two decades since I discovered NonPoint’s music. And I can say with certainty that they have gotten so much better over time. If you want a lot of bang for your buck, then you need to go see NonPoint live!

  • NonPoint tour with Black Stone Cherry later in the summer:

Black Stone Cherry Kickin and Screamin 2024 tour poster

  • NonPoint and (hed)PE then join SOiL on their ‘All Scars’ tour in November:

SOiL 2024 UK tour poster

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