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The Uber Rock Approved stampWe’re not normally fans of cover versions here at ÜRHQ, but it has to be admitted that 2020 has seem a plethora of them – perhaps a hefty percentage more than in any “normal” rock ‘n’ roll year – as artists have adapted to the various global lockdowns and used modern technology to either present their takes on favourite songs or collaborate (virtually) with like-minded fellow artists to put new twists on perennial favourites.

A feature of the business from its very beginning, cover versions themselves are very much marmite affairs, and the way in which they are delivered can be an equal contrast: they’re either truly atrocious – as a certain singer with the initials JBJ recently proved – or they can be regarded as great additions to the musical canon in their own right; indeed, over the years, some covers have been hailed as being even better than the original song… So, with all of this in mind, we asked UR’s crack team of ninja reviewers to look back over the traumatic year that has been 2020 and recall what cover versions brought a smile to their faces and have remained embedded in their aural cortexes…

Artwork for Dirt [Redux] by Magnetic Eye RecordsDJ Astrocreep

  1. Various – ‘Dirt [Redux]’

Jim Rowland

  1. Henrik Palm – ‘Destroyer’
  2. Fu Manchu – ‘Takin’ It to The Streets’
  3. The Hip Priests – ‘Press Darlings’

Jonny Bakes

  1. Raised By Owls – ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas?’
  2. The HU – ‘Sad But True’
  3. Alestorm – ‘Bassline Junkie’
  4. NOFX – ‘Thatcher Fucked the Kids’
  5. Clutch – ‘Fortunate Son’
  6. Melodicka Bros – ‘Complicated (But it’s Prog Metal)’
  7. Allegaeon – ‘Round’about’
  8. Tenacious D – ‘Time Warp’
  9. Tom Morello – ‘Voodoo Child’
  10. Vicky Psarakis – ‘Only for the Weak’

Artwork for Sad But True by The HUMonk

  1. The Reticent – ‘Fade To Black’
  2. The HU – ‘Sad But True’
  3. Mark Morton feat. Lzzy Hale – ‘She Talks To Angels’
  4. Frank Turner – ‘Falling In Love’
  5. Feuerschwanz – ‘I See Fire’
  6. Diamond Head – ‘Immigrant Song’
  7. Warrior Soul – ‘Elected’
  8. S.O.R.M – ‘House Of The Rising Sun’
  9. Saxon – ‘Paint It Black’
  10. Allegaeon (feat. Travis Ryan and Trevor Strnad) – ‘Last Christmas’

So, there you have it. A break with ÜR tradition… but, hey, it’s been a strange year, one full of unpredictable twists and turns, and it has to be said that many artists have truly stepped up to the mark in terms of re-inventing how they communicate with their audiences and share our mutual love of music.

Elsewhere in these pages today, our writers share their favourite EPs of 2020, and look back at the first three months of the year, when live gigs were actually part of our daily routine and share what the shows that have stuck in their memories all this strange and traumatic time later. Tomorrow, we share our thoughts on our favourite albums of the year, so, until then, we’ll sign off in true ÜR style: keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges – and keep the music alive \m/