For many years, the EP was a much maligned, and ignored, format, especially by the mainstream media. But, it is one which has always been championed by ÜR, as it serves as invaluable to new bands who often cannot afford to record full-length albums at the outset of their careers and just wish to get their music out to the wider world.


This past year has been a particularly rich one for the short-form release, with a wealth of quality releases from both new and established bands, the latter of whom have used it to keep fans thirsting for more while satiating that thirst in the wait for a new full-length album.  With that in mind, we asked some of our team who are particular fans of the EP format to pick the “top of the pops” for 2018…


Artwork for 'The Final EP' by Florence BlackDavid O’Neill

  1. Florence Black – ‘The Final EP’
  2. Digital Criminals – ‘Hell Yeah’
  3. Kikamora – ‘Maasquerade’


DJ Astrocreep

  1. Frayle – ‘The White Witch
  2. Encoded – ‘Psychosis’
  3. Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs – Self Titled Split
  4. Black Market Heart – ‘Who Put A Knife Through Your Heart’
  5. Salvation Jayne – ‘Salvation Jayne’
  6. Naked Six – ‘E.P.’
  7. Bauhaus – ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’


Artwork for '4 Shots' EP by CollateralDJ Monk

  1. Collateral – ‘4 Shots’
  2. Fear Me December – Crystallized’
  3. Dorian Sorriaux – ‘Hungry Ghost’
  4. Concrete Kingdoms – ‘Concrete Kingdoms’
  5. Arkdown – ‘The Calling’


Gerald Stansbury

  1. Natalie Christine – ‘Broken From The Start’
  2. Lena Hall – ‘Obsessed’ series
  3. Flickertail – ‘Hurry Up and Wait’
  4. Criminal Kids – ‘Criminal Kids’
  5. Digital Criminals – ‘Hell Yeah’


Artwork for the self-titled EP by Dead FictionJonni D

  1. Dead Fiction – ‘Dead Fiction’
  2. Taking The Head Of Goliath – ‘Taking The Head Of Goliath
  3. Code Orange – ‘The Hurt Will Go On’
  4. Ledger – ‘Ledger’
  5. Myrkur – Juniper’


Rich Hobson

  1. Rough Hands – ‘Moral Terror’
  2. Death Blooms – ‘Death Blooms’
  3. Pillow Queens – ‘State of the State’
  4. Mewithoutyou – ‘untitled [EP]’
  5. Epic Beard Men – ‘Season 1’