By DJ Astrocreep

DJ Astrocreep is pulling the pumps for this session of our Singles Club, scouring through a broad collection of the latest rock, metal and punk singles to provide you with what he sees as the cream of recenet and forthcoming releases. Time to sit down, put your feet up and crack a cold one to discover some new music!

Kicking things off, Swedish alt-Rockers Yohio have dramatic sounding single ‘My Nocturnal Serenade’, performed in a manner that almost fuses power and symphonic styles into a highly enticing song performed in a manner reminsicent of later era Queen in an almost vaudeville style.

Next up to the bar, 99% Cobra are gearing up to the release of their debut EP, with this track, ‘Beautiful Debris’, being the lead song off it for this new hardcore act. Plenty of aggression and dissonance, using ferocious riffs and an in your face attitude to get their point across.

Manchester-based quartet Deadthrone are pushing out some melodic hardcore right now, with new single ‘Feel’ an indication of good things to comes, combining heavy hitting guitars with at times gentle and melodic vocals.

Alt-rock act Havvk have been on our radar before, with their previous single. With newbie ‘If I Don’t Tell You’ they are continuing a strong vein of form, using hypnotic guitars with soulful vocals to add depth to their sound.

Melodic modern rock act Cellar Doors are putting about some quality material recently, with ‘City Girl’ a continuation of this strong form. Combining a fast pace with melodic vocals, there is an almost psychedelic edge from the San Fran trio.

Viking black metal troupe Helheim are making some real noise over in Norway right now, with latest single ‘Haldr’ showing a strong combination of the two genres to create a wall of noise and blast beats, alongside almost traditional Norse song style vocals.

Back to a heavier sound and metalcore act Defences have unveiled their new vocalist with video single ‘Shatter’. A combination of synths, wall busting riffs and some impressive vocals combine well to show off their talents.

Avant-grade rockers Ward XVI have put together their most personal song to date in the shape of Monk’s personal pick of this selection, ‘Hold Me’, combining haunting vocals, soft, melodic guitars and some well-crafted solos!

Austrlian industrial metal act All This Filth have their first single off their forthcoming sophomore release ready to go, releasing ‘Reject The Machine’. There are groove elements to the track in addition to a rather in your face attitude, combining the sounds for full effect!

Edinburgh-based Black Cat Bone have got some pretty sweet blues rock licks kicking out on latest single Punk And Pushers, providing mouth full of gravel vocals over a roots blues rock ‘n’ roll sound.

Brummie old school glam rock act Tremendous have featured in the Singles Club before and are back with new track ‘Open For Closing’. They use a combination of vocal harmonies and highly melodic sounds, meshed together in a style sympathetic to some of great ‘70s glam artists, such as Bowie, with bits of more modern acts such as Manic Street Preachers in this track too.


Hotly tipped LA garage rockers Liily are up next with ‘I Can Fool Anybody In This Town’, the new single from the album of the same name, fusing together an old school rock vibe with some well created melodies to create an interesting and likeable track.

Aussie alt-rockers The Last Martyr have just put out latest single ‘Fear’, combining haunting female vocals with some impressive musicianship, the guitars coming across like a mix of djent and at times transcending the hardcore boundaries, providing an interesting mix of heavy and soft that should have wide appeal.

Melo-death outfit Kosmogonia have a new track ‘Elysian Fields’, which combines a pagan feel with their melo-death sound and an almost power metal vibe at times which have been woven together in a creative manner so as to use fuse the better elements of each into their music.

Skate punkers Glue Ear have a double single release coming up, with ‘Mr Plastic’ combining a traditional punk sound with a slight modern ska leaning, in a manner akin to Reel Big Fish meets old school punk.

Power metallers Battle Beast are back at it, with new song ‘Eden’ combining strong female vocals with a hard Rock backing, adeptly performed by the entire band.

Scouse pop-punkers Ernest Moon show their tongue in cheek side with their amusing video for ‘Satdeenight Ready’, crafted in a manner akin to Weezer and other such illuminaries, with melodic vocals combining with a sound that comes across at the rock end of the pop-punk acts, with appeal to the indie and modern rock communities too.

New Year’s Day present new track ‘Shut Up’, combining stuttery electronics, powerful female vocals and their usual metalcore/hard electronic rock sound to create a well worked, melodic track with wide appeal.

Psychedelic proggers Lucy In Blue have new slightly strange yet likeable new song ‘In Flight’, showcasing a sound that crosses between Pink Floyd and a more contemporary prog feel in a manner that reels you in right through the track.

Our final track comes from one-man British wrecker True Colours, who fuse together vocal melodies with an alt-rock soundtrack which cross over towards the modern hardcore that is pervading the UK market, in a manner that belies their newness to the field.

I hope you’ve enjoyed at least a few of the tracks in this edition of Singles Club – there’s hopefully a bit of something for everyone on it! It will be three weeks until our next instalment, as ÜR boss Monk and his missus are buggering off to Spain for a well-deserved holiday, so we’ll see y’all when they get back…