Chosen by Monk

My latest choice sees us reuniting with the Galway-based post-punk gothic rocker by the name of Paul Dillon, who is ensuring that things remain positively #Electric here at ÜRHQ with his latest offering.

Although unable to call into the Club in person, Dillon dialled the ÜR hotline from his home in picturesque Portumna to share a bit more about the song:

[It] serves as a reminder to value ourselves and our achievements more than the opinions of others. We often overlook ourselves and our achievements. ‘Electric’ is about recognizing that we should hold ourselves in high regard and prioritize self-love over the opinions of others.

Dillon also revealed that ‘Electric’ is something of a family collaboration, as the single artwork was created by his daughter, Bella. Dillon may ask if we value ourselves enough, but he certainly holds family values close.