Chosen by Monk

The Uber Rock Approved stampWould you be surprised (sic) to learn that my latest choice of the hottest new sounds around has a close affiliation with a hugely popular international children’s TV series? You would? And would you be mystified by the connection? You would? Well, let me enlighten you… You see, when not writing quirky power pop gems that feature a winning combination of catchy hooks and jet fuel, Joy Buzzer guitarist Jed Becker holds down a day job as composer and music director for the Nick Jr. hits such as ‘Dora The Explorer’ and ‘Go, Diego, Go!’, among many others…But, we’ll not hold that against him, especially when he’s also producing poptastic anthems such as this latest cut’

Turning his undivided attention to the song – the band’s first release for the ÜR-approved Wicked Cool Records imprint – Becker told us:

The narrator of this little tale hasn’t hit bottom yet…but he’s certainly close to it. If I was the woman he’s trying to lure into sharing the ‘helluva ride’ he’s on, I’d run the other way. This one features a great Everly Bros.-type double lead vocal from singer Kevin Lydon, and more of the take-no-prisoners power pop our fans have come to expect from us. Enjoy!

And enjoy we all shall, as it’s no surprise that these beys have us buzzin’ for joy and beggin’ for more…