Chosen by Monk

The Uber Rock Approved stampMy latest pick of the pops sees the project led by multi-instrumentalist Jared Mullins #SpeakingInTongues on the lead track from their forthcoming second album, which will in turn see them #SmileLikeHeaven when it is released at the end of the summer.

Speaking in Tongues’ is probably my favorite song I’ve ever written, Mullins told me.

[There’s] something ethereal and magical about it. I hope someday that this applies to a love in my life, but I can’t honestly say it’s inspired by anyone in particular. When we added the Mellotron in the studio and heard it against the vocals I literally wanted to cry it was so moving.

The album was recorded between studios in Dallas and Oxfordshire with all the songs laid down live by all the musicians performing in a single room.

I never want the songs to sound the same, Jared explained.

I want the sound to be unpredictable and tap into different nuances.