By John Bedard

Artwork for Finally Free by Nevaria‘Finally Free’ is a more subtle album than I am used to. Symphonic metal is by far my favorite genre. It is powerful and tends to have very complex arrangements that involve many instruments not always included in metal. It creates this hard-hitting experience that is filled with passion. Here, what we have is much more subdued. Instead of big overwhelming movements, you get a more reserved and planned arrangement. It did catch me a little off guard as I was expecting that massive sound that we see in Nightwish or other similar bands but, once I was able to get past that expectation, I found that I found something really worthwhile.

There is a lot of change between tracks that make each one its own but does make the flow a little disconnected from track to track. It does not hurt the overall experience or anything, it just makes it so the overall flow when listening to the album in order have some slightly rough transitions. However, while the music might have a somewhat rough transition between tracks, within each track it is a whole other story. Transitions between chorus to verse to bridge and so on flow beautifully together. The music is extremely well crafted.

Vocally, what we have is more in line with bands like Delain or Within Temptation than what you would expect from Nightwish or Temperance. This makes for a more approachable style for someone that is new to the genre while still having the vocal range to really sweeten up the arrangement. However, if you are like me and can’t get enough of that operatic flair in your metal you might find this a little underwhelming. For those who do learn more toward the more traditional vocals, I think you will find something really worth your time here.

‘Finally Free’ is a very nice relaxing experience that is well worth your time. Track nine, ‘Control’, was probably my favorite with its soft and very moving arrangement. It was very easy to get lost in especially with its heavy use of a piano. If you have read my other reviews, you should know by now that I love a good piano track and there are more tracks than just ‘Control’ with prominent use of piano. It is lovely. It might not be an Earth-shattering album for me personally, but I do think that for many it could be. Give this one a chance. I think it would be hard for anyone to be disappointed in what Nevaria has delivered here.

  • ‘Finally Free’ is released on 25 October. You can get your copy HERE.

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