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Flotsam And Jetsam – ‘The End Of Chaos’ (AFM Records)

Despite the connotations of its name, ‘The End Of Chaos’ is not the conclusion of Flotsam And Jetsam’s career. It might suggest a swansong but these 12 raging anthems make the Arizona veterans sound enthusiastic and hungry. It’s classic thrash that’s absolutely bursting with energy and while they’re probably destined to remain something of a cult act, there’s no reason why any self-respecting headbanger shouldn’t enjoy this.

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American Jetset – ‘Live Love Die on Main’ EP – (Self Released)

Something interesting seems to be occurring in music right now where we are seeing large elements of the past surge back to the forefront in rock music again. Sometimes it is in the guise of a band like Greta Van Fleet who owe a large portion of their sound to Led Zeppelin and manage to win new fans as well as infuriate older fans in a way not seen since Kingdom Come’s debut album. Other times, it is the likes of someone like Gin Annie who takes elements of the past and successfully combines them with modern rock. American Jetset leans a little more towards the blend of both the past and the current, but their past is based in the old ‘80s Sunset Strip sleaze scene. Remarkably, the band only formed a couple months ago and has already released their debut EP with that friendly ‘Name Your Price’ option on Bandcamp.

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Sólstafir/Telepathy/Talons – Belfast, Limelight 2 – 21 December 2018

It was the winter solstice, and what more appropriate way to spend it than in the company of Icelandic folk metallers Sólstafir? Well, UR boss Monk for one couldn’t think of a better alternative (well, dancing naked in a forest with the temperatures heading towards the lower end of the mercury scale didn’t really tickle his balls – rather, it probably would have frozen them), so off he toddled to his local pub for my penultimate gig of the year:

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