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The Big Über Rock Interview – Jean-Paul Gaster (Clutch)

Easily one of rock’s most reliable bands, Clutch have racked up a fervent following over a 27-year, 12-album career. With a sound that has traversed the disparate realms of hardcore, blues, stoner and good ol’ fashioned rock n roll, they have deftly navigated the transformation over the rock scene over the past couple of decades, managing to put out records which earned both critical acclaim and fan adoration in the likes of ‘Blast Tyrant’, ‘Pure Rock Fury’ and (most recently) ‘Earth Rocker and Psychic Warfare’. Bigger than ever and coming on bold with the release of ‘Book of Bad Decisions’ (ÜR’s album of the year, no less), a record which nods to the many varied styles of Clutch’s past records whilst still confidently striding towards the future. We caught up with drummer Jean-Paul Gaster at the tail end the band’s recent December trek to chat everything from longevity to the particulars of how they go about choosing setlists from their diverse career…

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Thomas Giles – ‘Don’t Touch The Outside’ (Sumerian Records)

For some reason, DJ Astroreep got the longest writer’s block when trying to review this album and he’s not sure why. It’s a superb album, though not one that flows completely start to finish. Thomas Giles is both highly experimental and incredibly talented, as has been shown over countless years for both his solo projects and his writing for Between The Buried And Me.

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