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Sum 41 – ‘Order In Decline’ (Hopeless Records)

John Bedard sometimes wonders if Sum 41 is even capable of releasing a bad album. There is a good reason for their more than 15 million albums sold. From album to album, they are very consistent. It never matters if it is their older stuff from back when I was a teen or their newer stuff, JB always know it is them and I never think that they lost what they had in the old days. Very few bands, especially in pop-punk, he can say this about. ‘Order In Decline’ is no different. Now we know our man has just set it up like this is going to be a total gush fest but it is not. He definitely have my issues with this album…

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Forlorn Hope – ‘Over The Hills’ (Self-Released)

Heavy metal and military history are no strangers to each other. After all, the likes of Iron Maiden have frequently used various wars as lyrical content, while Sabaton have made a career out of it. Now, you can add Merseyside newcomers Forlorn Hope to that list, with this, their debut album based around the Peninsular Wars of the 19th Century. We assigned John Bedard to dust off his dusty biography of Napoleon Bonaparte and explore its grooves.

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