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Über Rock introduces…. A Month Of Sundays

Now and again, a young band comes along who pique our interest sufficiently to make us want to delve more into their story and give them a little more exposure than a mere single or EP review… So it was that, during the week, our resident gigaholic DJ Astrocreep took a break from travelling the length and breadth of the Über Kingdom to fire up a Twitter feed and catch up with the guys from Scottish newbies A Month Of Sundays, who release their debut single, ‘Kingpin’, this coming Friday (12 July).

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Fields Of The Nephilim/Terminal Gods/Nox Interna – Glasgow, Barrowlands – 27 June 2019

A very hot Thursday afternoon found Neil H packing his camera bag and heading to the legendary Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom the scene of the last venue he had seen the original line-up of the Fields of the Nephilim play, way back on the 27th September 1990! Twenty-nine years later an much has changed as he approacedh the famous Glasgow venue: instead of basking in the band’s ‘Earth Inferno’, the only inferno is being supplied by Mother Nature herself and there is a distinct lack of cowboy-hatted, duster coated watchmen outside the venue…. but, it’s what went down inside it that counts, right?

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Zed – ‘Volume’ (Ripple Music)

The beginning of 2019 saw Zed re-release ‘Desperation Blues’ via Ripple Music. A great way to kick off the new year for the Bay Area based four-piece. Now the heavy blues driven rockers are back with a brand-new album. ‘Volume’ features ten fresh tracks laden with Zed’s trademark sound. Over the past few months the band have teased updates on both writing and production for the record and have been steadily building a healthy buzz around what is to come.

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