Author: UberAdmin

Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life – ‘Don’t Turn Away’ (Overground Records)

It is not uncommon for artists to turn their backs on their past. And it could be argued that the man christened Steven Williams has done just that with this, his second “solo” album since he walked away from the noise of the punk scene and retired to the Norfolk coast. But, it can also be said that the artist better known as Steve Ignorant has not done so, as, despite the largely louche lounge vibe of ‘Don’t Turn Away’, it proves that he has not lost, or sacrificed, any of his fury, spit and vim in a collection of songs that rile and snarl with the passion of an artist growing old disgracefully and not going quietly into that dark night without making his voice, and consequently his message, heard with venomous intent.

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Crobot – ‘Motherbrain’ (Mascot)

Four albums in eight years is a pretty steady output and a good way of building your base up, alongside a heavy touring schedule, as Crobot are showing with ‘Motherbrain’, their latest release. Having caught up with them at their recent Manchester gig, our resident gigaholic had been fortunate enough to see them perform live and so could compare some of the tunes in both the live setting as well as through the recording. Needless to say, Crobot have rocked the fuck out of the big lad’s ears… and then some!

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