Author: Team Uber

Crown Of Glory – ‘Ad Infinitum’ (Fastball Music)

On this, their second album, Swiss crüe Crown Of Glory prove themselves to be one of those bands who can easily, and seemlessly, switch between different, but related, sub-genres, from the symphonic end of the power metal mien through moments of arena-filling lighter-waving AOR anthemics to soaring melodic rock interjections which uplift and energize, showcasing the ability of a band who are more than comfortable to deliver on every level on which they seek to do so…

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Atheos – ‘Words of Eroding Worlds’ (Niflhel Records)

It’s been seven years since five-piece Atheos released their debut album. They’ve since then been bringing together inspiration from their native Ireland, drawing upon elements of mythology and landscape to develop latest album ‘Words of Eroding Worlds’. Seeking to deliver their own take on the traditional death metal sound with big riffs, hard hitting drums and gutturals telling of dark folklore and ancient mysticism. Does the long-awaited album two deliver? Phil Cooper finds out…

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