Chosen by DJ Monk

This week’s visual choice comes from German power metallers SuidAkrA and their modern-day retelling of the legend of the ‘Morrigan’ and featuring an actress who answered a Facebook advert for someone to portray the Celtic goddess of war.

The video is a neat combination of a traditional performance video with some dramatic interjections, and features stunning costumes and make-up with both add to the overall authenticity and vibe of the finished product (which does feature some flashing images):

‘Morrigan’ is taken from SuidAkrA’s latest album, ‘Echoes Of Yore’, which was released last month.

Among the other videos which caught our eye this past week was the truly epic – well, it clocks in at 17 minutes – and unique ‘Medium’, the title track of the latest album from French prog metallers Mantra. The album is actually made up of two tracks, ‘Body’ and ‘Mind’, with the “hidden” title designed not only to allow both sides of the album to be overlaid over each other and played simultaneously but also in a way controlled by the listener:

Our next choice comes from Liverpool art rockers SPQR, who celebrate setting up their own label, Nuthin Gud, with a new single of the same name, which comes with a beautiful video which really offsets the tonality of the song:

Our final cut sees us end on a brighter note than we’ve probably sounded so fare, with ‘Sonny’, the breezy new single from Aussie pop punks Bad//Dreems, who are currently out on the road with fellow countrymen The Chats on a tour that promises to be as much fun as you can have outside of sniffing Kylie Minogue’s used knickers!