Chosen by Monk

The Uber Rock Approved stampWe had another massive wave of videos come our way this past week – a veritable tsunami of more than 150 of them – all vying for the coveted title and virtual gong of being named our favourite… Believe me, we do watch all of the submissions, and a lot of them are of an extremely high quality, but there can only ever be one winner…

And, to that end, this week’s selection comes from one of our favourite songstresses, the brilliant Beth Blade, and her brotherhood of Beautiful Disasters, who are serving us up a ‘Jack And Coke’ as they take us on a rollercoaster ride through a typically debauched night out (albeit quite a mild looking one by ÜRHQ standards!).

We’ll hand over to Beth herself for some more about the inspiration around Jack and Coke:
“When you think of rock and roll, you think of loud music that makes you want to bang your head or rip your own heart out, nights spent in laughter with the people you love, mischief and fun, mistakes and ridiculous adventures. The soundtrack to your life.

“When you think of the drink that accompanies this there is one above all others that comes to mind, the one you toast with, in good times and in bad, the choice of the man himself Lemmy, who WAS the embodiment of rock and roll.

“’Jack and Coke’ is a song I wrote to celebrate all of these things. To celebrate life. It’s balls to the wall, straight up riff-rock and roll and I hope you have as much fun listening/watching it as we did making it!

‘Jack And Coke’ is the latest single to be lifted from BBATBD’s current album, ‘Show Me Your Teeth’, which is about to be issued on vinyl for the first time. The band play the Green Rooms in Cynon Taff, with recent ÜR Singles Club inductees Ravenbreed, Spitfire Tide and ShovelFace, this coming Friday (19 November). They then support Hardline at the Robin 2 in Bilston on Friday 26 November before heading north to Troon to appear at the Winterstorm festival on Saturday 27 November.

Just please tell me that wasn’t really JD which Beth was pouring over herself… that’s what DQ would refer to as “alcohol abuse” – especially as we are justifiably banned from making downright inappropriate and disgustingly sexist remarks about volunteering to lick it off! Oops!

Until next time, keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and keep on rockin’ and rollin’ with your favourite website \m/

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