By John Bedard

Artwork for Titanomachy by Tides Of KharonThere is something special about melodic death metal. It is one of those genres that really allows the artist’s passion to come through. So much energy is poured into every track that when a song is good it is hard not to get wrapped up in all that energy. It does not even matter if the subject matter of the lyrics is something with deep meaning or just silly stories the genre just lends itself so well to getting lost in the energy. Probably one of my favorite forms of musical escapism. For all this to be true though the music has to be good. So the real question is, is ‘Titanomachy’ good? Hell yeah, it is!

Keeping to the death metal roots the whole tone of the album is very heavy with a healthy amount of melodic influences throughout. We are not really blazing new ground here but rather improving on the proven style of the genre. I would also say that the drum style at times gives me a little hint of black metal with a nice use of a fast, higher, and more tinny tone used at times that I have come accustom to in that genre adding a nice depth to the tone. The rest is right in line with what you would expect with melodic death metal. Fast drums, fantastic guitar with a lot of complexity, brutal vocals.

Seriously, the vocals are brutal! There is the deep and throaty tone driving the whole vocal style that is occasionally complemented by a higher tone giving this wonderful depth. Classic for the genre but with fantastic execution. Nothing sounds out of place giving us a fantastic example of the vocal style at its best.

I loved every second of this EP and can’t wait to see what they do with a full-length album someday. Every track has this wonderful evolution that perfectly keeps your attention even through multiple listenings. I have no complaints and would absolutely recommend ‘Titanomachy’ as a must-buy for your collection. It is an outstanding example of the genre done right!

  • ‘Titanomachy’ is released next Tuesday (6 April). You can get your copy HERE.

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