By Em Coulter and Jase Walker

The Uber Rock Approved stampWith the split site 2022 iteration of Slam 2022 looming ever nearer on the combined Jubilee/Bank Holiday weekend horizon, we figured it was time to set out the main acts we’re super hyped to catch this time around!

With a slightly changed stage makeup, some of the stuff we’re most interested in is spread across a number of stages… but these are our standouts that will have us running back and forth across the arena like Red Bull-fuelled Duracell bunnies… So, get your best dancing shoes on, ‘cos here we go…

Caskets (Key Club Stage Left – 5.25pm)

I found these courtesy of Spotify’s “New Core” playlist, and local to the area for Slam Dunk North, these guys fuse poppy vocals and melodies with super riffy metalcore and got my attention almost immediately when ‘Glass Heart’ came on while I was the gym – these guys are dead set for bigger things! (JW)

Nova Twins (Key Club Stage Left – 9pm)

Raw, brash, and unapologetically punk, London’s Nova Twins absolutely blew me away when I saw them supporting Enter Shikari last year with their own brand of funky punk. Don’t let the fact that there’s just the two of them on stage, they’re by far greater than the sum of their parts. (JW)

Punk Rock Factory (Rock Sound Stage – 2.05pm)

Take Disney, ‘80s cartoons and ‘00s pop party hits but give them a punk twist and you have Punk Rock Factory on your hands. Expect a crowd of tattooed, dyed hair and alternative fans going absolutely mental for their rendition of anything from ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Frozen to The Powerpuff Girls theme song. One hundred per cent one of the party bands for Slam Dunk weekend, you’ll be leaving wanting to find old Cartoon Network episodes as soon as you get home. (EC)

Counterparts (Jägermeister Stage – 12.45pm)

Counterparts blew my mind at Manchester’s Rebellion venue a while back and had easily one of the most berserk crowds I’ve ever seen at the venue. Blurring the lines between Hardcore and Metalcore but not forgetting a catchy melody, these guys are going to absolutely wreck the joint when they’re on. (JW)

Electric Callboy (Jägermeister Stage – 3.45pm)

I honestly couldn’t tell you what’s going on with German metalcore right now, but these guys are taking it and fusing it with the best of German techno and making some of the most ridiculous and hilarious stuff I’ve heard, and I absolutely bloody love it, catch me in the pit throwing some mad shapes out. (JW)

The Amity Affliction (Jägermeister Stage – 4.50pm)

If you’ve got even a massive knowledge of Aussie metalcore, then you’ll know who these are. One of the titans of the scene over there and I don’t doubt for a second that they’ll be commanding one of the most vicious pits that Slam Dunk will see all weekend. If you like some tasty riffs and screaming, then you owe it to yourself to see these. (JW)

The Used (Jägermeister Stage – 5.55pm)

After cancelling on the postponed 2020 Slam Dunk festival, nostalgic emos were heartbroken but The Used return to the festival this year to play the stage to a crowd that can’t wait to flick back their fringes and sing their hearts out to songs such as ‘The Taste Of Ink’ and ‘All That I’ve Got’. Slam Dunk has a soft spot for emo and pop punk nostalgia acts whilst still getting the new bloods on stage but if you’re planning to catch The Used make sure to get down to stage early. A truly unmissable band for a crowd that’s been desperate to see them. (EC)

Alexisonfire (Jägermeister Stage – 8.20pm)

I don’t really think I can say much more about these that hasn’t already been said at length, but these giants of the post-hardcore scene don’t seem to be over on these shores particularly often and missing these could be something you’ll regret. They’ve been around since day one of the foundation of the scene and there’s a reason they’re so high up the bill. Even if you just know the one song, you should see these. (JW)

The Interrupters (Dickies Stage – 6.10pm)

A band that is impossible to hate unless you despise fun, The Interrupters return to Slam Dunk on the Dickies stage for some ska punk partying. Fronted by charismatic vocalist Aimee Interrupter, you will be googling the words to each song by the time the set is done. Expect dancing, jumping and everything a perfect mix of ska and punk could need in an Interrupters set. For those wanting a preview to what to hear in their set listen to ‘She’s Kerosene’ and ‘She Got Arrested’.  (EC)

Sum 41 (Dickies Stage – 9pm)

American pop punk icons and regular peak of the night players at any rock club, Sum 41 headline the Dickies stage. With a setlist that hopefully covers the pinnacles of their career with skate park hits such as ‘Fat Lip’, ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘In Too Deep’ they are the perfect band to close out the stage and festival after a couple of pints and swearing to your friends you can still go as hard as you did as a teenager. (EC)

The Wonder Years (Rock Scene Stage – 5.30pm)

Another band that is devotedly loved by the Slam Dunk crowd is The Wonder Years, who bring their much loved sad yet optimistic pop punk sound to the north and south of the ÜK for the weekend.

For people who have been fans since the beginning branded with Hank The Pigeon tattoos on their limbs to people who will have only listened to them on their newest releases, The Wonder Years are another must see act for anyone who wants a weekend of pure pop punk. (EC).

Neck Deep (Rock Scene Stage – 7.50pm)

A band that truly captures the energy of Slam Dunk is Neck Deep, who’s ever climbing rise to stardom is truly showing with a headline slot on the Rock Scene stage. Prepare for pop punk jumps, catchy choruses and leaving with a feeling of pure pop punk joy. With a back catalogue of four albums and multiple EPs, there is something for everyone from the hometown hating pop punk fan to the ones that love life. (EC)

There you have it. We’ve probably left out some of you own personal choices, but we also hope that we’ve inspired you to check out some acts that may not otherwise have been on your own “must see” hitlist… all that remains to say is: see ya down the front \m/

  • Slam Dunk North takes place at Temple Newsam Park in Leeds on Friday 3 June. Slam Dunk South takes place at Hatfield Park in Hatfield on Saturday 4 June. You can get your tickets HERE.

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