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The Uber Rock Approved stampIt’s hard to believe that another fortnight has passed us by already, and in that period we had more than 200 submissions for the Singles Club. But, we’ve managed to whittle them our 20 favourites that we deem worthy of adding to the ÜR jukebox. So, it’s time to pull up a bsar stool, crack open the beer and the Jack and revel in some bad-ass rock ‘n’ roll…

To kick off this edition we have a rather melodic alt-rock offering from Spylights, based in New Orleans. Their recently released EP shows a good level of song writing, with plenty of rock and melody through each track – the lead one ‘The Empath’ chosen here – with prog and punk hints at times peeking through into their writing.

Brisbane’s Awaken I Am show their melodic alt-rock sensibilities, with a track that simply oozes melodies whilst treading that border between alt-rock and post-hardcore that so many bands now seem to be taking, inspired by the likes of Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Mantra’ release.

Divine Era have a rather distictive southern rock tinge to their groove/thrash crossover track ‘Vanity of Vanities’ here, things that sit well alongside each other. While not quite as in your face as some of their songs, it shows an additional side to the band that indicates at the depth and ability of them as a whole.

German tech death now, with Controversial bringing the brutality on latest track ‘Tales of a Shattered Youth’. Strong levels on both the technical and heavy front combine to make an affable effort.

Jeff Scott Soto should be a name that’s very familiar to any of our readers, given the sheer number of projects he is/has been part of and the level of talent he possesses, so with self titled project Soto, he has released another diamond in support of latest release ‘Origami’, with ‘Torn’, which he played live for the first time when I caught him in Manchester recently. Another slice of melodic hard rock from the legendary singer!

Not Ur Girlfrenz are a band we’ve featured in this segment pretty much every time they’ve had a single release, which says a lot about their ability! Fresh from their drummer gaining recognition for her cover of Slipknot’s ‘Unsainted’, ‘Song About You’ is another chip off their pop-punk block, with catchy choruses and melodies aplenty!

Art Alexakis may have been a bit quiet since Everclear’s last effort four years ago, but he’s back with a vengeance with ‘The Hot Water Test’, a bluesy rock number from forthcoming debut solo album, ‘Sun Songs‘. He tours the Über Kingdom next month for what promises to be a series of very special shows in Manchester, Norwich, London, Glasgow and Birmingham.

Rising dirty rock newcomers Idle Crooks & Englishmen are picking up favourable comparisons to Royal Blood, Smashing Pumpkins and Queens of the Stone Age – you can hear exactly why in latest track ‘Criminal Song’. While this track is on the slower side, there is plenty of depth to the alt-rock track that makes it a must hear. Check ’em out when their latest run of dates kicks off in Swansea at the end of next month.

Written By Wolves are one of New Zealand’s most exciting and highest streamed bands at the moment, with new single ‘Secrets’ – the title track from their forthcoming debut album – a good example why. Strong vocals over an electronic alt-rock backing makes for another strong release by this rising force.

Cumbria’s Thirteen Stars have new single ‘Running So Long’ just out, with the song being written just after the death of Tom Petty. It sounds like it could have been written by the man himself and is a strong blues rock track, with a hint of southern rock occasionally peeking through!

Betraying The Martyrs are a very good example of an upcoming metalcore act that are starting to get the recgonition that their talent deserves. New track ‘Down’ is another fine example of the band’s strong work, with it dedicated to their fans that helped the band out after they lost their equipment and personal possessions in a van trailer fire.

Classic rock/power pop act Flying Colors have new track ‘Love Letter’. With the stellar band line up in Steve Morse, Casey McPherson, Neal Morse, Dave LaRue and the omnipotent Mike Portnoy, quality tracks are pretty much a given – and so it shows with ‘Love Letter’!

Occult rock upstarts Alunah have new song ‘Hunt’ out from their forthcoming album, ‘Violet Hour’, which itself is being released by our good friends at Heavy Psych Sounds on 11 October.. A soft, doom rock affair, it bodes of great things to come from the band, and sits well alongside some of their older Birmingham based peers.

Epica are well known already, so fans will know what to expect from latest track ‘Kingdom Of Heaven’, from the soon to be re-released ‘Design Your Universe’ album. Powerful vocals over a highly talented band make for yet another top class song from the power metal titans.

Time for some melodic death metal now, with Haunted By Silhouettes with their third single ‘The Last Day On Earth’. The song poses what seems like a simple question – what would you do on the last day on Earth? Well, judging by the sound of this song, make some pretty damn catchy death metal!

Some technical metalcore next, with ‘Prey’, the new single by Scottish act Bearers, from their debut album, ‘Inhumation’, released this weekend. A powerful track, combining technicality and brutal melody, there’s plenty here for anyone who likes their more modern metal styles.

The Dust Coda have new single, ‘Breakdown’, out this week, which is a classic hard rock track that sounds like it could have come straight from the bands of yore. Strong vocals over aforementioned hard rock backing make for a well written release.

Next up, Bad Wolves are’Killing Me Slowly’ with the latest single from their sophomore album ‘N.A.T.I.O.N.’ (out at the end of October). A modern rock track that shows quite how well the band have developed their sound from their debut, it’s a strong release that could well push them towards a level of recognition their talent deserves. Watch out for them supporting Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth next year…

Another change of mood and some melodic alt-rock for our penultimate selection, with Corridor, taken straight from their debut Sub Pop release. ‘Topographe’ has a Monty Pyhton-esque video, adding a certain something to their well written track.

To finish off this roundup, we have a personal favourite of mine – David J of Bauhaus fame, this time combining with Asia Argento and Anton Newcombe for ‘Migena & The Frozen Roses’. A soft song with a lot of hidden depth shows David J’s usual high standard of song writing at its finest, taking something quite subtle and making it sound almost sinister in a manner he is quite adept at.

Well, that’s it. Last orders have been called and the bar is now closed for another fortnight. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time here, and we’ll see you again in two weeks’ time, when ÜR’s chief pack mule, Monk, once again will be driving the wheels of steel. Until then, keep on rockin’…

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