Chosen by DJ Astrocreep

The Uber Rock Approved stampAs a testament to the sheer volume of quality releases currently, for the second time in as many weeks we are again confronted with two winners for our Video Of The Week!

First up, we have Norwich trio Young States, with their latest track ‘Stand Alone’. Melodic alt-rock with bewitching female vocals combine to make an impressive and relatable song. ‘Stand Alone’ is about trying to find the divide between what is yourself and what is anxiety, as Georgia Leeder (vocals, bass) explains:

“It was cool being able to write about anxiety from a different perspective, and the idea of trying to separate yourself from it. This inspired the idea for the single shots in the music video, with the lighting solely on us so it seems like we’re isolated.”

For our other winner, we have ÜK punk upstarts Wonk Unit, with strangely addictive and melodic track ‘Cyclists’. Showing their usual sense of humour, the band have created yet another ear grabbing track that you seem to end up having to put on repeat!

“Last summer, en route to a festival, on some country lane we were unfortunate enough to get stuck behind two cyclists – yes, two abreast,” explains frontman Alex Johnson.

“Did they care about the motorcade snaking behind them? ‘Course not! Go read the highway code – two abreast is cool but ONLY IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS. DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. It’s the rules. So, I was tapping my hands on the dashboard when the funk took hold. “Cyclists riding two abreast blocking traffic, blocking traffic”. Then I did some rapping (but thankfully that never made it onto the single.) After about three months the cyclists decided to fix a puncture and we made it to the festival. By then the song was already a Wonk winner in the van! We jammed it in soundcheck and was a hit in our set later that night. The end.”