By DJ Astrocreep

It’s DJ Astrocreep back at the wheels of steel, putting together my pick of the best singles we have received from across the rock ‘n’ roll Überverse these last couple of weeks. So, strap yourselves in, this could be a bit of a ride!

First off, we are easing you in gently as we take a walk down the ‘Southern Way’, the latest single from Every Mother’s Nightmare, from their recently re-issued ‘Backtraxx’ album. The Memphis rockers are currently back in the studio recording the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Grind’, with the first new material, in the shape of a single called ‘Getaway’ expected to be released later in the year… in the meantime, enjoy this little step back in time:

Next up, we have the ridiculously talented Tarja, who I got to have a chat with recently, with the track ‘Railroads’, taken from her forthcoming album ‘In The Raw’, with her melodic rock goodness.

Moving a bit heavier now, we have Alborn, with their second single ‘Let Me Bleed’. A groove metal number with some strong clean vocals which mix together well for a promising track.

Continuing the groove metal theme, but metalling it up a touch more, we have ‘Killing Us Slowly’, by Against The Grave, who keep the groove rolling but go rather more hoarse in their vocal side. The LA-based act have put together a riffy yet still infectious track for their debut release.

Cult stoners Clutch have a new track out, as the start of their forthcoming Weathermaker Vault Series. by the name of ‘Evil’ – their first track since last year’s ÜR Album Of The Year ‘Book of Bad Decisions’ release. It’s typical Clutch… more good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll!

Worcestershire space-rockers BroodMother this week released their new track ‘Space Wizard’, following a line-up change. The Midlands stoner metallers have put together a bit of a gem here, having penned a track that will appeal as much to classic/hard Rock enthusiasts as much to those more space-rock/stoner orientated.

Power-pop-punk newcomers Not Ur Girlfrenz are next up, as the American trio bring back memories of Sum 41 et al with new track ‘New Kids In America’, from their debut EP released not so long ago. The teens have knocked it out the park again with the latest single, proving the hype about them is very, very real.

Gothic rock protagonist David J – known firstly for his time as bassist of goth-rock pioneers Bauhaus and more latterly Love & Rockets – has a new track out, featuring Rose McGowan, called ‘The Auteur’. It’s a softer track than most may associate with David J, featuring his strong bass lines alongside a very Nick Cave-esque track of real quality, making it a sure thing for our round-up:

Another similar act now, as Drab Majesty reveal their latest single ‘Oxytocin’, which is a gorgeous slice of melodic post-punk in the same vein as The Cure and similar such acts. I can see this band going on to become a real tour de force, if there’s any justice. They release their new album, ‘Modern Mirror’, on 12 July.

On the day that their new album ‘Are We Soldiers’ is released, we received the single ‘From Saviour To Assassin’ from Aussie proggers Teramaze as another fine example of melodic prog metal that is cementing their place amongst the cream of their genre.

In a similar vein, Swedish power metal heroes Sabaton have their new album out in a few weeks and have released ‘The Red Baron’ as the second single from it. Powerful vocals alongside their usual melodic metal music lead us to another great track from the war bards. The Swedish battalion will, of course, headline the Friday night of this year’s Bloodstock festival, and no doubt some of their new anthems will feature heavily.

US thrashers Motive are up next, as their combination of groove, thrash and death metal mixes up to create a heavy brew of the good parts of each with their latest video single, ‘Digital Slave’. Throaty yet intelligible vocals alongside some intelligent and able musicianship makes for strong song.

Blackened death metal masters Blood Red Throne are my next pick, with track ‘Skyggemannen’ showing they are still proud to be around the top of their peer with their brutal new cut.

Longtime heavy metal masters Trauma are back again, with their new album just out and single ‘Savage’ is a good indication of quite what to expect on it. A good dose of classic heavy metal means we are glad to welcome the Californians back with horns raised high!

Mathy metallic hardcore Canadian power trio Gorlvsh are preparing to scream in peoples’ faces with first single ‘Wait For Me’ a filthy and battering introduction to the band. Heavy music, screamed vocals, pure power!

Norwegian hardcore punk quartet Oberst are our penultimate act for now, with new single ‘A Stranger Place Pt.2’. Mixing melodic guitars and cacophonous vocals, the two sides sit strangely well with each other, despite the clear juxtaposition.

To bring this latest edition of the Singles Club to a close, we have DC punks Gauche, returning to the bar with a rather mesmerising brand of groove and power-punk which is both hook filled and laden with mesmerising melody – a rather perfect finish to proceedings!

So, that’s it for another round of our Singles Club feature. Monk will be back behind the bar next time, so until then, keep on rocking!

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