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The Uber Rock Approved stampThere may be storms raging outside the window, but it’s nice and cosy inside ÜRHQ, where the bar is open again for our Singles Club feature: so, it’s time for you to come on in from the cold and warm yourself up with our pick of the best new singles doing the rounds at the moment. It’s DJ Astrocreep back behind the wheels of steel, with one of the hardest jobs around, cutting down almost 250 tracks to the shortlist below. Place your orders… it’s time to spin the music!

Let’s get our goth on to start, with post-punk/dark wave entities Fotocrime and their new track ‘Blue Smoke’. Punchy drums, melodious guitar hooks and driving bass are quite reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy in their prime!

Keeping it on a similar level, we have Amigo The Devil, who I caught live recently, with his murderfolk take on Tom Jones’ classic ‘Delilah’. Amigo is a highly talented guy that I can’t recommend enough – catch his haunting banjo cover here!

H.E.A.T are back and the new single is absolute fire (no pun regrets whatsoever!) ‘Dangerous Ground’ is another chip off the AOR block, with the Swedish rock powerhouses coming up with yet another hooky slice of rock goodness ahead of the release of their new album!

After a five year break from recording, Lamb Of God are back and man are they sounding as good as ever! ‘Checkmate’ marks the start of their new, self titled album, and it’s as riffy as ever. Art Cruz makes his studio debut and drives the guys on as relentlessly as they ever have been before!

Let’s up it a touch more then with Finnish newcomers Blåådpalt, with ‘Eradication’ coming from their upcoming debut ‘Sliced To Perfection’. Heavy riffing, wailing guitars and some deep grunting – death metal as it should be!

This next one is for fans of bands such as Rage Against The Machine and Prophets of Rage, blending Hiphop vocals with an alt-Metal backing to create a rather well crafted track to get to know them by! ‘CONTROL’ is definitely a statement single release from St Louis’ Discrepancies!

Let’s knock the heaviness back a notch now with hot milk and their catchy new single ‘June Gloom’. Plenty of melody, vocal harmonies and feel good feelings in this new track!fs

Next up, the aptly titled ‘Dank Mississippi’ is the latest blues rock track from The Jab and cranks it up big style! Heavy on the Delta blues side of rock, it’s a real top notch track that’s sure to become as much an earworm for you as it has for me!

London-based four-piece melodic hard rockers Collateral recently released their melodic hard rock single ‘Merry Go Round’, which is high on melody and groovy hard rock, ahead of a busy tour schedule up coming, with four tour supports already lined up! Enjoyable hard rock at its best.

Let’s have some rockabilly next with The Chris Rolling Squad and the track ‘Tremors’, which apparently sparked real life ones in South California! Plenty of rockabilly mixed with an almost punkish take on the genre, leading to yet another big earworm!

Let’s keep the vibe with the first new work from The Suicide Machines in 15 years, with a doozy of a punk-ska song in ‘Awkward Always’. Plenty of pace and feel good vibes for a catchy old school sounding song!

When it comes to pop-punk, few bands are better known than Green Day and their latest album just dropped! ‘Meet Me On The Roof’ is a step away from previous sounds, with a much more widely approachable take than previous – still catchy as hell!

While we are on this path, let’s celebrate Christmas a little after the holiday season as they ‘Push Fast’ with some uptempo old school punk rock with their latest video single!

Newcomers Michael are another band I found recently when reviewing their debut album, with this almost sleazy sounding fuzzy drone-punk single a big reason they got such a good review! Extra points for what is quite a good video, too!

Seeing as we have the fuzz turned up, let’s have some BEGGAR in the form of ‘Black Cloud’, with sludge so thick it would bog down the great Cthulhu himself! Heavy, heavy shit right here!

Backing off a touch from the heavy again, we have Canadian gothic metallers Benevolent Like Quietus with ‘Dawn Of Rust’ proving to be a pretty adept take on the more melodic side of the goth metal genre, similar to The 69 Eyes and other such luminaries!

Russia’s Fallcie combine heavy riffing with some pretty strong vocals, both rough and smooth from their frontwoman in new single ‘Parasites’, with a sound very much along the lines of Jinjer in their approach! Riffs, guitar hooks and wahhhhs, OH MY!

Finally, we come to our last two tracks, with Code Orange being the first. The hardcore kids are back with style in epic new track ‘Swallowing The Rabbit Whole’. Lots of weird effects and disconcerting parts overlap with some heavy as fuck music and screamed vocals – welcome back!

So, to our last pick then and let’s chill it out for the end of the night with some 3 South & Banana with new track ‘3S&B’. Some chilled psych pop is a great way to finish it off… enjoy!

So, there you have. Hope you found something to titillate your earbuds and maybe want you to explore further. Until next time, when Monk will be back behind the deathdecks, you know what to do – keep ‘er lit, keep ‘er between the hedges and keep on rockin’ with the website that excites \m/

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