By DJ Astrocreep

I sat down for a rather lengthy chat with Peter Wilson from NYC progessive alt-rock act Four Trips ahead, to discuss the band’s formation, their almost 20 years together, prog rock, Faith No More and a host of other things. Little did I realize that the interview would end up lasting the guts of 90 minutes!

Among the subjects we discussed were…

  • Forming Four Trips Ahead: “I was not wanting to do a band thing at all…”
  • Rush and their sonic experimentation: “I know in my heart of hearts, they were chasing the muse…”
  • The effect of the pandemic on making music: “I have to say, and other people might think differently, but I come from an album world – I love full statements…”
  • ‘Reclaiming rock music’: “A lot of times people are saying something is rock… but it doesn’t…”
  • My choice of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ as best song written: “It’s one of those song, no matter how many times you’ve heard it, as soon as the first chord and the drop starts and you’re transported… it goes somewhere, it’s heavy…not just heavy, but heavy emotionally…”
  • The harmonies and emotion in Alice In Chains’ ‘Nutshell’: “One of the songs (from ‘Jar Of Flies’) flew in my head one morning and I put it on and got so emotional listening to it…”
  • One last bit of advice (and the story it comes from): “Do NOT open the door…”

  • Remnants‘, the latest EP by Four Trips Ahead, is available now.

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