By Monk

New York heavy metal legends The Rods are setting out to ‘Rattle The Cage’ with the title track of their forthcoming tenth studio album, due to be released via Massacre Records on 12 January.

The Rods founder and frontman David ‘The Rock’ Feinstein, told us a little more about the song:

In preparation for this new album, I received a message from Carl stating that he had an idea for a new songHe sent me the title, and some lyric ideas, and of course I thought the title and concept he formed was great. He then left it to me and my imagination to add more lyric ideas, and complete the musical work. The song is about the everyday person who feels trapped at what they might be doing in their life. No matter what the job may be, the need for relief was in need. It’s also about freedom, and about standing up for what you feel is right, and not being taken advantage of. Rattle the cage, and be heard. Let your feelings be known, and stand up for your rights. It really applies to everyone’s life.