By John Bedard

Artwoik for Exorcism by Living Dead GirlThe Uber Rock Approved stampOh, hell yeah! It is not that often when I feel an album absolutely nails it right out of the gate and to do so with a debut, well done! The press email I received describes throwing out full EPs worth of material while looking for the perfect sound and it really shows. From top to bottom this is a wonderfully crafted experience.

The musical style is wonderfully aggressive. There are great transitions between softer portions and these aggressive segments with explosive energy. Never did any part of the experience feel jarring in fact every segment flowed smoothly from one to the next. It all felt natural and this aided in really making the power in the instrumentation really impactful.

Vocally, things are much the same but somehow taking it to another level. I absolutely love how well the contrast between the clean vocals and the driven are handled. There is very much this In This Moment feeling meets Icon For Hire but not derivative. Living Dead Girl very much have their own sound that while in the same family I would be able to pick out at their own sound on the radio in a heartbeat. I would change absolutely nothing about the vocal style it is perfect. If I did have to find a complaint I would say at times the lyrics could get a little bit repetitive but not enough to detract from the experience and is so minor it is hardly worth mentioning.

This is what happens when all the stars align. Everything is perfect without feeling overproduced. The passion feels raw like the artist is pouring their heart out just for you. It is an experience that feels totally personal ad the power behind every note is bone-chilling. Particularly with the screamed vocals. They are perfectly delivered sharp and cutting making sure you pay attention.

Clearly, I loved this album. I think they are really on to something special here. It goes beyond the music though the branding is also great. The album artwork is perfect for the experience you find within. This is one of my favorites that I have received yet this year and I will be looking forward to more from Living Dead Girl in the future. As it stands now this is a must-have album. Go pick up a copy. You owe it to yourself. I think you will love it as much as I did. Absolutely outstanding!

  • ‘Exorcism’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.

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